vegaway 11:44am, 11 July 2006
I wanted to start off this group as I’ve been collecting shot glasses now for 6 years. I thought it would be an easy collection to move around with me, unlike hundreds of CD’s or DVD’s. However, as the collection grows, maybe not the brightest idea for a regular home mover. The group, I hope, will also give me a look into other people’s collections and a laugh at some of the nights on a few shots……

Anyway, I’ll start taking photos of my collection over the next couple of weeks and count up how many I’ve bought or been given as a gift and post on here.

So - how many in your collection?
halting pets [deleted] 12 years ago
Jay, fantastic idea - starting a collection of glass items in the hope they will be easy to move about! You should consider a collection of cardboard boxes or suitcases in future.

Anyway, I have never taken the trouble to count my collection but I would think it must number about 4 - I will take some time out this evening to count them. Can I assume that it is ok to put up pictures of shot glasses in action even though they are not from a collection as such (unless you would call glasses owned by a bar a collection)? I'm thinking of people drinking from fairly non-descript shot glasses - where perhaps the shot glass itself is not the focus of the image?
vegaway 12 years ago
Mr Mueller, the more shots of people steaming, drinking out of a shot glass the better! Even licking salt of the back of other people's hands makes me laugh! :-)
TLC_WV 12 years ago
I have no freaking idea on the number... They are in or on cabinets, shelves, drawers, boxes etc. Some packed away in boxes... If I ever get them all unpacked again you might want the boxes for your new easy to move collection... might even have an old suitcase to sweeten the deal.
howyadoin 12 years ago
Roughly 80, so far.
skizzdc 12 years ago
I have 44 now.
vegaway 12 years ago
after all the photos i've now counted them and at present i've 220 approx.
faint work [deleted] 9 years ago
I have about 100. Give or take 10. Thats a crap load. It all started when my friend told me about collecting shot glasses. She said that your supposed to collect 21 for your 21st b-day and have a drink from each. Well, I got way beyond 21 for my b-day (glasses not drinks) and have collected a shot glass from every place my fiance and I go since then. Its addicting.

My collection started spontaneously. I had a few sitting on a shelf left over from a Friday night. As people would visit me I guess they would see them and think I collected them. So as they'd go places they'd pick me up one and bring it to me. Pretty soon it got up to 25. Then 50. Then 100. I loaded 131 pics some with four & five glasses. And I didn't photograph them all. Some are just plain glasses so I left them out. Or ones damaged by the dishwasher. So I'm guesstimating I have in total around 150 -160 glasses now.
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