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The nature of posts?

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Ben Ledbetter, Architect says:

First, thanks to the administrator(s) for starting this group. Takamatsu is a very important architect, and has especially been very important to me. His work needs to be known in the west more than it is.

But I notice people are posting photos that are not only not Shin's work, but they are posting photos of their own work which has no resemblance to the aspirations of Shin. I can't imagine what they are thinking. I consider these posts spam and a degradation of Shin's art.

Shouldn't there be some ground rules? And some moderating (deletion) when people post things totally outside what the purpose of this group IS – i.e.: ARCHITECT – SHIN TAKAMATSU?

Thanks for considering

Ben Ledbetter
5:40PM, 5 March 2015 PDT (permalink)

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