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  • Funniest Thing Your Sheltie Does With Snow?

    Remington likes to run full blast through the snow then stop and bite at the sno...

    MountainGnomie2 months ago0 replies

  • hows your sheltie in the car?

    so we take our sheltie pup in the car when we go to parks and sport games and su...

    JR♥Wolves23 months ago23 replies

  • Snapping Jaws.....

    One of our boys...ironically called Jordie....maybe shoulda been Jawdie....loves...

    Weatherboard Photography25 months ago8 replies

  • Does Your Sheltie Howl?

    I made some funny noises to Jackson the dog; next thing I know he's howling? He ...

    shredder060925 months ago43 replies

  • How many have "multi-sheltie" households? And if yes, how many?

    I am just curious. I now have two, but have had more. They are sweet.

    terry3k628 months ago39 replies

  • Sheltie photos

    Hello all....I am new to this group and I have shelties of my own. What I am wo...

    Vocus Creative Imaging30 months ago1 replies

  • Sheltie Quirks

    So what quirks does your sheltie have? This is the thread to celebrate the oddit...

    OpalWildPhotography33 months ago19 replies

  • How often you bathe your sheltie?

    I bathe her once every 10 to 14 days

    Stewart Low45 months ago6 replies

  • have 2, thinking about a 3rd... ??

    We currently have two Shelties- Bisbee (female) is about 3 1/2, and Prescott (ma...

    crimsoncat0548 months ago3 replies

  • What colour Sheltie do you like the most?

    We like Blue Merle the most, but what do you tink?

    Wolfje8251 months ago58 replies

  • Sheltie Seizures

    Hi Everyone: I am turning to all you shetie owners on this group who have post...

    edmontonmedic2351 months ago2 replies

  • I need help picking out a name

    Its come down to two names: Leah and Cali Which do you like best?

    KrinaK57 months ago3 replies

  • Hi, Im new

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce my newest addition to the world. Thank...

    KrinaK60 months ago0 replies

  • Fear of the camera?

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had any trouble with getting their sheltie to...

    zeyno*kiz62 months ago23 replies

  • phone shy?

    every time on the phone with my cousins and stuff, and they say they want to tal...

    sheltie n lego lovr67 months ago1 replies

  • aggressive sheltie!!

    I have a 2 year old male sheltie who lunges and barks at people and cars, I have...

    LENdsay69 months ago2 replies

  • Cleaning a snow sheltie?

    We got just under 2 ft of snow last night and the dogs discovered it early this ...

    BetaGrl70 months ago15 replies

  • hi - new to flickr and my websit

    kentroy shetland sheepdog - Australia

    kentroy shetland sheepdog71 months ago2 replies

  • What are the best tools for grooming?

    I currently use a wide toothed bristle brush and an undercoat rake. I groom my s...

    Cairo's Mum (ON & OFF)71 months ago0 replies

  • Do you show your sheltie?

    I show both my shelties and we have been quite successful. My blue merle puppy's...

    Heart0971 months ago3 replies

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