jasonepowell PRO 3:41pm, 4 January 2011
Ok folks, nice work! Please choose your favorite from the submissions below and vote by midnight on Wednesday. BTW, we had a couple of submissions that were not taken during the assignment timeframe, and were therefore ineligible. Be sure to review the group rules and if you have any questions, message me here or on the Shack.

sparkly -
Rainy Wedneday

IcomeINpeace SN -
Shack  Assignment - Water

Nixx77777 -

Dr. Sammy Lee -
Water Tube

kinnoch -
Half Moon Bay

synapse19 -

jasonepowell -
Pretentious Water Drop Photo Title

pdub99 -
synapse19 PRO 7 years ago
sparkly. love the tone and composition.
Aaron Belich PRO 7 years ago

Damn, totally spaced on this even though I had an image for it :(
Gonna have to go with sparkly.
Dr. Sammy Lee Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Dr. Sammy Lee (member) 7 years ago
My vote goes to jasonepowell. What do you have in the background there? Gives me the illusion of a waterfall.
jasonepowell PRO 7 years ago
Sammy - I pasted your embed code, but I was always able to see it (I think I'm a contact, though).

Anyway, my vote goes to Sammy. Wonderful shot.
djdisco123 7 years ago
I vote for Sparkly, although the long exposure of the creek by pdub99 is a very close second.

Apologies for not reading the submission guidelines re: timeframe.
IcomeINpeace SN [deleted] 7 years ago
kinnoch 7 years ago
Dr. Sammy.
miresse 7 years ago
Tough decision, but sparkly wins for color and simplicity. Makes me yearn for a macro lens, though. :(
Galadriel07 7 years ago
I like pdub99 this time.

I really wanted to do this one but I was at a hotel and I was unsure how to pull it off in that sort of place with no equipment.
secondorbit 7 years ago
Sparkly gets my vote.
Nitrium 7 years ago
Ahh, sparkly. I loved it. Color, composition... gg!
sparklyfresh 7 years ago
Dr Sammy Lee!!! I love the ... scale of it all.
jcutner PRO 7 years ago
dr sammy lee!
jasonepowell PRO 7 years ago
And sparkly is our winner! Congrats!
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