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_wintermute ADMIN May 24, 2016
Just letting you all know I do drop in from time to time and always enjoy what I see! I've cleared out some photos (mainly landscapes, but some others as well) which I could not see an element of being set up as per the groups intent. If you feel that a shot that has been removed is truly a setup shot, put something in the comments so that I can see why it belongs :) It may be something non-obvious like adding a light source, it isn't always easy to tell.


Group Description

Featured Artist Lee Smith

I find the definition of a still life a bit too restrictive and thought I'd like a group where you can post shots that you have "set up" but don't meet the stringent requirements of a still life. A still life is a subset of set up shots so true Still Life shots are ok too :)

Photos should be ones where you have somehow arranged or "set up" something in the scene. so if it's just a nice flower or scene you came across or beautiful sunset then it doesn't belong unless you somehow changed the scene by means other than framing/angle or post processing.

I think a successful setup shot is one that doesn't look too "set up" (this is a personal opinion and not a requirement for the group :) ) I just found that a lot of shots I set up I thought looked contrived.... If you would like constructive critique from group members, then add "critique welcome" or something similar to the description under the image

I think that this should be a family friendly group so please no nudes or photos that are unsuitable for children, as all ages like to do this sort of photography :)

If you want a tag, tag photo's setupshot :)

If you have a true still life photo you might also want to post it here Still Life Photography

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