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London Transport Museum ADMIN December 3, 2011

This photography project is now closed.

We shall be busy selecting the shortlist entries over the next few weeks. The shortlisted photographs will be selected by Friday 16 December and photographers will be notified by Flickrmail.

Thanks for the wonderful response to the project, there are some fantastic entries!

Group Description

Londonist and London Transport Museum are proud to launch a new photo challenge: 'Sense the City'.

What is it about? Taking inspiration from Sense and the City we challenge you to stop a while and sense the city. Pick up its cycles, connections and transmissions. We want snapshots of 'smart, connected and on the move' London: a city buzzing with activity 24 hours a day.

In short, we want you to photograph the energy or lifeblood of London, whatever you perceive that to be.

Go and see the exhibition for inspiration - check out the images in Londonist's review - then hit the streets and get creative.

How do I enter?

1. Join the project Flickrpool, read our review of Sense and the City or visit the exhibition for inspiration
2. Participants may enter up to three contemporary photographs - we don't mind whether you shoot them on your phone, your compact or DSLR camera - but please note the group rules.
3. You must geotag your photos and please tag them 'sensethecity'
4. Submissions close on Friday 2 December
5. Shortlisted photographs will be selected by Friday 16 December and photographers notified by Flickrmail. Shortlisted entries will need to be put into a private Flickrpool to enable our advisors to select their three favourite entries. This will be taken as permission to display the entries in the Museum.
5. All shortlisted photographers will be invited to attend the celebration at the Museum on Friday 20 January, where three photographs will be selected to be accessioned into the Museum's collection.

What's the plan for the exhibition? Fifty photographs will be shortlisted and put on display in the Museum between 21 January - 18 March 2012. All shortlisted photographers will be invited to a celebration in the galleries on Friday 20 January for the opening of the display and three special photographs will be selected for special commendation and be taken into the London Transport Museum collection.

Who's going to pick the winners? Our advisers on this project are Clive Birch, Visiting Tutor on the Royal College of Art's Vehicle Design Programme and responsible for the 'Visions of Tomorrow' section of 'Sense and the City', by current RCA students; and Johanna Empson, Talks and Events Programmer at the Photographers' Gallery who ran the year-long Street Photography Now Project, was a judge for the Street Photography Festival student prize and judges the City & Guilds Photography Award annually.

Get creative, get shooting and good luck!

A good time to see the exhibition would be hand in hand with one of these groovy events. Note, standard adult admission is £13.50 but now allows unlimited admission to the museum for a 12 month period from date of purchase.

Group Rules

Please read the T&C’s before you join this group.


IMPORTANT: Please read these carefully. By adding your photo/s to this group, you are giving London Transport Museum permission to display your photo on screen at the Museum, and Londonist Ltd permission to publish your photo on L

1. By sharing your photos with Sense the City photography project, you confirm that your photography:
• follows Flickr Community Guidelines (hyperlink:
• was taken by you;
• is your own original work;
• does not contain any obscene or defamatory content or material.

Should you choose to submit an image of a child; you will need to ensure you have gained permission from the parent or guardian of this child before submitting it to the Group.

2. By adding your photos with the Sense the City Flickr photography project Group, in respect of each photograph, you grant to LTM a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, license to display your photo (as it is stored on Flickr, via the Flickr API) on LTM's website and on screen within the Museum. This license shall apply for the period during which the photo is posted in the Sense the City Group. If your photo is displayed on LTM’s website and/or your Flickr screen name and the title of the picture will appear with the photo.

3. If LTM wishes to use any of your photos in any other way, for example:
•by publishing your photos in LTM-published magazines and other materials;
•by adding your photos to the Museum collections management system;
•by archiving your photos or
•by making copies of your photos and/or downloading the high resolution version as may be required for any specified purpose, or for any period longer than the period during which your photos are posted in the Group,
We will contact you via Flickrmail to obtain your express approval of such use(s) of your photos.
Should LTM wish to publish your photo in a LTM-published magazine or other material and/or archive your photo and you grant your approval of such use(s), when granting us the approval please state your name as you would like it to appear with your photo (otherwise, LTM will simply use your Flickr screen name).

4. To be clear, unless LTM has contacted you and obtained your express approval, LTM will only use your photo(s) by displaying it on screen in the Museum or on the Museum’s website where such display is connected with the Sense the City Group. Likewise, Londonist will only display your photo(s) on in connection with the Sense the City Group.

5. LTM and Londonist shall not be obliged to display your photographs and shall not have any liability to you for any loss of publicity or enhancement of reputation.

6. LTM and Londonist reserve the right to cancel the Sense the City Group at any time.

7. Your personal information will only be used and, where necessary, disclosed to third parties for the purposes of running the group and exhibition and otherwise in accordance with the TfL Privacy Policy.

8. By entering your photo to the Sense the City Group, you are deemed to have accepted these Group Rules.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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