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Hi all, just thought I'd raise a slight concern I have about the size of watermarks on images. I was wondering if I should add a rule that suggests that if you wish to add details to images that they are reasonably discreet. I do add species name and Latin classification as well as my name to all my images but I hope in a discreet way along one edge.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this or am I a lone voice on the subject?
fishandsnap 7 years ago
I have not watermarked my self thus far, To me there seems to be a difference between a watermark and a small signature and title.

However given a few threads I have read recently around folks finding their images printed and hung on the walls of various establishments without permission, yet alone how many web sites they may or may not end up on, I think given the title of this group that one must allow the artist/author to protect their work if they wish to. Even a water mark of the large and tranparent variety does not prevent group members admiring the image content, or appreicate the skill and knowledge that went into producing it.

Personally I can see no legitimate reason for any group on flickr rejecting images with water marks, after all the groups are not collecting images for sale, but to allow folks to share their work.
thanks I wasn't considering banning them just being a little less enthusiastic regarding the size and impact, it was only a thought
fishandsnap 7 years ago
You have pricked my conscience and I must start adding the specific scientific names, especially as the images are viewed globally and common names do not transport very well in many cases.
Aaron Gee PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Aaron Gee (member) 7 years ago
Steve, I have found alot of my photos being used on other websites in the past without my permission,which is theft and in breach of copyright laws, this is the reason my photos have large copyright notices on them . I do appreciate that it spoils the photos,but this is the only way I will upload them to Flickr now.

I put alot of work into my photography and spend hours doing it,but not for thiefs to help them selves to my photos.

Fishandsnap, I totally agree with you.
Stephen Duffy Images 5 years ago
Just to bump this..

Ive just seen a post in another group telling people that the british goverment have just rushed through a law, allowing anyone to use other peoples pictures without permission, unless the pictures got a watermark.

Theres more details here... and a petition to try and stop it.

So it looks like watermarks are the way foreward, at least for the forseable future in the UK.
john.dart 5 years ago
It is raising concern down under as well!

To watermark or not ? That is the question.!

Can a photoshop expert take it out anyway!
Stephen Duffy Images 5 years ago
Erasing a watermark from a plain background is easy, though a semi transparent one across the body of the animal or bird less likely to work, though not as nice to look at.
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