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acceptable dogs [deleted] 5:14pm, 18 September 2010
Hi, I went out with my camera today to Felixstowe and took some great photos of wheatear , Linnets , meadow pipit and could not wait to get home to put them on the computer, only to realise that i had not reset my image quality to high after uploading photos for selling on the internet at the lowest quality, to say the least i am so disapointed as they look terrible when enlarged
Is it possible to salvage the day or will i have just to right it off and learn from my stupid mistake
thanks colin
Stephen Duffy Images 8 years ago
Im assuming your saying you had your camera set to one of the low quality JPEG settings ?

If so they should be ok to look at as a screen image even if the qualitys not good enough for printing etc.

I shoot RAW by default and if for no other reason apart from the image quality, that memory cards are so cheap these days I couldnt see the point of shooting any images whatever they are at anything than the higest quality settings,as you can always downsize a large file but try to upsize a small one and your stuffed.

Sounds like you should just put it down to expierience and check your settings in future even if you set the quality to RAW+JPEG youll have the benefit of both formats.
acceptable dogs [deleted] 8 years ago
Thanks Stephen, I am just gutted as the light was so good and the birds were near but I dont think that I will be making the same mistake again, I just changed it as i sell a lot of porcelain on ebay and i thought it would save time having to resize every photo
regards colin
Colin I'm with Stephen, shoot in raw as default, if you need jpgs, add it to raw and then you'll always have a quality negative
featherandfur 7 years ago
Stay in the RAW Colin !

It really is the best and pretty much failsafe way of protecting your image quality.

Look on the bright side, It gives you the opportunity to go out to shoot those subjects again and get even better shots, and knowing you won`t ever forget this unfortunate lesson.

Good Luck !

Aaron Gee PRO 7 years ago
Colin,why use low quality photo`s for Ebay ? A good photo sells the product alot of the time !!
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