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Whats your favourite day to day birding lens ?

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Stephen Duffy Images says:

Im a relative newcomer to photographing birds and often look at other peoples images to check out the "Tags" and "Metadata/Exifdata" to find out the shooting parameters (ISO,shutter speed and aperture) and also what focal length of lens was used and if possible the make and model of the lens.

This sort of information can be usefull especially if your buying your first birding lens and not sure what to get,though not everyone "Tags" or includes "Metadata/Exifdata" with their images.

I know that not everone can afford the £/$4000+ super primes and wondereing what lens you use ?

If your happy with your purchase and what your "Lens of choice" would be for birding if differnt from the one you already own ?
3:25AM, 24 June 2010 PDT (permalink)