So whats your fav bird? show us an image by posting a medium copy of your fav species here.
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Since I suggested it I'll start it, mine are waxwings, one of the most colourful birds we get in the UK, we only see them in winter when most other birds have there drabbest plumage so one of these and normally they travel in large numbers will brighten my day.
Oh and they're very happy to be photographed

castacant 8 years ago
I'd say mine is by far the Western Tanager. Unfortunately I've never got a great shot of them. They remind me of a Tequila Sunrise.
Mawrter PRO 8 years ago
Black Skimmers. I love the abstract quality they have, and the challenge of getting them in focus! ;-)

Black Skimmer at Forsythe
what a great subject
RRG .CA 8 years ago
The northern cardinal is one of my favs , but I dont have a shot I like of them yet , but this common tern is a shot I like .

Tern Fishing
Mawrter PRO 8 years ago
Beautiful tern image! They have lovely clean, angular lines and the background here is terrific.
Yes I have to agree Terns are a most charismatic bird
Aaron Gee PRO 8 years ago
One of my favourite birds to photograph is the heron, as long as they are not just standing there doing nothing !

Heron Portrait
Carol (Nona) PRO 8 years ago
Though, there are so many beauties, the hummingbird is my favorite for watching and trying to capture!

rampant river [deleted] 8 years ago
I really enjoy the challenge of taking in flight shots. The buzzard being one of the more challenging to get a good shot of in flight.

Buzzard close up
Izabella U PRO 8 years ago
Red Tail Hawk
Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Alan S Willis Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Alan S Willis (member) 8 years ago
My Favourite bird is the Kingfisher, I have taken pictures in 7 locations.If I go a couple of days without seeing them I get withdrawal problems.
lindabdiaz 8 years ago
_MG_1909-Osprey---north-of-Seagate by lindabdiaz

My favorite is the Osprey. I usually see one or two on my morning beach walk.
jaygum_photo 8 years ago
I too love Kingfischers, love the colours and the sonic fly
Guarda-Rios (Alcedo Atthis)
ammadoux 8 years ago
the black bush robin

Black bush robin الشولة السوداء
Alex Berryman 8 years ago
My favourite bird is the shoveler. I like these unusual ducks because a lot of people probably look at them and think they are just mallards but they are (in my opinion) one of our most charismatic ducks.
I am yet to get a great photo of them ... this is my best.
Basil Fishcakes Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Basil Fishcakes (member) 8 years ago
My favourite bird is the 'lowly' wren. Lively, fiercely territorial a loud beautiful and instantly recognisable song. It's a stunning little bird and under rated by my reckoning.

Wren by Basil Fishcakes

This shot, I think, captures the spirit of the bird.
featherandfur 7 years ago
I Think the British Barn Owl (tyto alba) is probably the most enigmatic Bird of Prey and I spend a lot of time photographing them throughout the year in the Uk.

A wonderful bird to photograph in the wild especially in flight.

I also love to photograph BOP generally, and our beautiful British Robin !!

featherandfur 7 years ago
Two's company
fishandsnap 7 years ago
My favourite bird is the much maligned Starling.

They react to light in such a varied manner, and they are so entertaining.

If they lived in Borneo and were seldom sighted we would wax lyrically about them.
Stu Price 7 years ago
Crossbills revisted #1 by Stu Price

My favourite bird has just got to be the Crossbill.......
Susie Sun 2011 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Susie Sun 2011 (member) 7 years ago
do you want to play?

I love bald eagles, but I do not have photos of this beloved fellow, in its place I decided to bring this cute fellow, unfortunately, I do not know its name, I found him during my walks at the top of a tree, making this pose to the cam and it seems to be laughing! If someone knows the name, please tell me. Thank you.
Favourite bird? Got to be a tossup between Grey Wag and Dipper! Probably grey wag, though. Got this individual whilst on holiday in paris, baffling the tourists by pointing my camera away from notre dame and towards this little fella who was nesting with 4 healthy looking chicks in the side of a bridge!
Grey Wag in the Big City
a whitethroat

my favourite bird is the whitethroat you can get very close to them and they have nice coloured plumage as well
Oretani Wildlife (Mike Grimes) Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Oretani Wildlife (Mike Grimes) (member) 7 years ago
featherandfur - I never heard of a British Barn Owl, a Common Barn Owl yes, and what´s a British Robin? Would that be the European Robin? Not trying to be political or anything...

As for my favourite, gee whizz, I dunno, tell you what´s a frontrunner though is the Great Shearwater. For shear (sic, pardon the pun) flying ability in rough seas, the length of it´s migration and sleek wings, it comes high up there.

2010_05_19 WN - Great Shearwater (Puffinus gravis) 02
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