I have never tried this but if members would like pictures critiqued or discussed please feel to post a medium size image here.
I for one never stop learning and judging by some of the excellent images on Flickr we can all learn a bit more
Okay so it was my idea so let me kick this off, this image I like but for a few things, its in the shadow and I wish I hadn't cut the apple in half as it looks artificial, any one have any other thoughts?

Ronan.McLaughlin Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Hi Steve, its often very difficult to critique other peoples bird photos, my reason being, you are dealing with a particularly difficult subject, that 9 times out of ten does not play "ball" and just getting a sharp in focus shot exposed correctly in the crap light we often have to deal with in Ireland and the UK is probably the biggest challenge.

Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris)

This is my version of this shot, taken through double glazed back doors leading to my garden, lying on my stomach at 1/30 of a second, should never have got it!!

I suppose thats the challenge of bird photography, we always look for the perfect bird shot

Ronan I have replied below
Daren Smith Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Ok gloves off!!!
For me, the strength of the colour of the apple is the problem in both of these images, more so in Steves. The problem is that red is a very dominant colour and really pulls the eye away from the main subject, creating a dynamic that spoils the image. Its important that if red is used in the image, it is composed so as not to draw the eye in this way, especially when it is positioned with in its contrasting green.
Steves image for me is also a bit central in its composition of the bird, a bit more in the way of positioning the bird within the frame would open up a more pleasing creative image.

(Please dont ban me already!!!!)

I hope I never have to ban a member
Daren Smith 8 years ago
Ok its only fair to receive some too!
Reed Bunting
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
ahh you see this would have worked for me if the background had not had the out of focus highlights as the bird silhouetted against the sun a more constant background would have worked.
Ronan that could have been taken in my garden!! For what its worth I hate my images that are not well lit, as a record they are great as a good photo they lack contrast, I have loads like this and its great when you finally nail the one with good light.
OneShotww 8 years ago
Ut oh, I always have something to say. I do have a pic that I want a critique on and will add it here later.

Steve, I agree with Daren, the apple is a bit of a distraction, however, I think the composition is off. I think the image would be improved by having more space in front of the bird - not sure if your original has more that you can leave in. I would crop tighter on the right (tail) side too.

Light is pretty flat too but I hear you have lots of cloudy days across the pond, no? :)
Steve Plume (find me at Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Steve Plume (find me at (admin) 8 years ago
Yes that's a trait I'm trying to wean myself off, you're not the first person who has noticed that I crop too tight at times so its nice to have that re-enforced. Not too much I could have done with the light but he was in heavy shadow.
Any ideas how i can improve this photo please.
john.dart 8 years ago
I am like you Steve, I crop so tight! I just like seeing as much detail of the bird as possible rather than a calendar type shot! :)
Colin, from my perspective the birds re too central and the angle is odd as you are looking down on the subject, I know how difficult the situation is when you have no control over your position, if the birds had not reached you and were in close formation it may have negated the high position....... but what do I know I'm just a mere amateur trying to take good photos
Thanks John and Steve. I was going to crop tighter but i didnt want to lose the trail in the water where the surface had been broken. It was taken from a hide which is well above the water. They only came into view just above the water. I would have liked to have captured them from the water level.
Thank you for your input.

Alan S Willis 8 years ago
The Bigest problem I have with River Kingfisher pictures is the background this was an attempt to get round it. but I'm still not happy. any idea how to improve?
Alan S Willis 8 years ago
John Coveney Photos Posted 8 years ago. Edited by John Coveney Photos (member) 8 years ago
This gannet shot has got a good reaction on Flickr so I would be interested in some feedback here. The two problems I see with it are:-
1. The white patch at the bottom right, should I clone it out?
2. The tip of the bill is out of focus.

Thanks, John C
PS how would I post the actual shot here rather than just the link?
John Coveney Photos Posted 8 years ago. Edited by John Coveney Photos (member) 8 years ago
On first look, the shot is OK with good positioning of the branch and the bird. However, there is really not enough a detail on the bird and the bill does not look really sharp - but I'm not sure if these points are intrinsic to the shot or a follow-on from the small size image that I can see. The grass in the background is a bit intrusive as well.

Re the other shots, I would agree with the earlier critiques

Ronan, given the high quality of the shots you post, I think you are being overly negative eevn though I agree it is very hard to get good bird shots in the photographic sense rather than the "for the record" birding sense - and the latter is not easy either! Anyway, even if it is hard to get good bird shots, I think anyone can improve their results by others pointing out weak points in their shots in a constructive mannner - especially me!

John C
John, if ypu go into the picture and choose all sizes, select medium and below the image Flickr creates HTML code that you can cut and paste into this thread. Type your text then add the code and you should then see your words and picture, its the same as when you give someone feedback by using the codes on the group home page
John Coveney Photos Posted 8 years ago. Edited by John Coveney Photos (member) 8 years ago
Thanks Steve, here it is.

BTW, the "especially me" phrase in my previous comment refers to how I benefit from criticism of my shots from others . . . not the other way around! The dangers of late night comments . . .

Portrait of a Gannet
Beautiful shot, agree the White patch needs cloning out, not much you cando regarding any area that is a tad soft
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