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suraJCena 2:31pm, 13 September 2010
every one has their dark side, so come on guys n gals, take your camera and start discovering and if u dont jst play with darkness a lil!!!
and post a wonderfull work!!
thank you
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suraJCena 8 years ago
let's me start this, lol
two tone mix by suraJCena
Sretenje od Vuletica Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Sretenje od Vuletica (member) 8 years ago

CR V by mnosd

Surreal scratching of Sretenje od Vuletica
Gina Soden 8 years ago

Most of the patients here were up and dressed all day. We kept them fairly quiet with paraldehyde, which was a most foul smelling medicine, but most patients came to love it and became addicted to it. Quite a few had to be cared for in the side-rooms and padded rooms. I will never forget the first time I saw the patient in one of the pads. She just had a sheet over her shoulders – no other clothes, and when she was wet or soiled we just changed the sheet. She never moved and was fixed in a crouched position.” - Former Nurse
Romeo66 PRO 8 years ago
Muckin' about.
yasmin.morris [deleted] 8 years ago
Grab Ahold
don post sent me
Anna_LizzB [deleted] 8 years ago
Ernie E - INACTIVE 8 years ago
Y2 Day 148 - Nightmare
Wenda* 8 years ago
[No more trips to the dentist!]
TheMunkyHouse 8 years ago
Lazy Day Off by TheMunkyHouse
Alexandra Froument 8 years ago
 by Alexandra Froument
sick of being sick by Mya and the Glittering Withywindle
amber912 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by amber912 (member) 8 years ago
c.ly.la 8 years ago
Elena VerCar 7 years ago
23.Manos by Elena VerCar
IvI Leturia 7 years ago
a.rosencrantz 7 years ago
cutebbwlooking69 7 years ago
a few older pics ..I'll have to take new ones


How's about...

277/365 Startle me up

Or this?

257/365 A night at the movies
suraJCena 7 years ago
i like the 1st one more then the 2nd one "venn diagram"
to the origin b n w by suraJCena
IvI Leturia 7 years ago
jhartho [deleted] 7 years ago
Xious 7 years ago
lights in the fog by Xious
IvI Leturia 7 years ago
(@_@) 7 years ago
 by (@_@)
Little something for Halloween!
Tam_Mink 7 years ago
# 276 Hidden

The dark me of today
Kisses Cut. 7 years ago
Captured By Ciara 7 years ago
Charlotte in plastic 7 years ago
 by Charlotte in plastic
robotmatt_mk2 7 years ago
WHERE WOLF? by robotmatt_mk2
concreteangel. 7 years ago
 by concreteangel.
Magali Agnello [deleted] 7 years ago

Clarkey736 7 years ago
For Kevin.
cabe26 7 years ago
Shadow: Or is it...?
There's Someone at the Window
Barely Holding On
Ashtyn Renee 7 years ago
NatB Photo Posted 7 years ago. Edited by NatB Photo (member) 7 years ago
_msda_ 7 years ago
10.365 I'm so sorry.
JimCochrane 7 years ago
Check! by JimCochrane
Park Spirit PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Park Spirit (member) 7 years ago

 by Park Spirit
Nutbcn 7 years ago
*Nutbcn Self-portrait
photodrum PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Corey Ward (admin) 6 years ago
Here's one I posted a few months back:

FWL Self Portrait - silhouette
AmilcarSerrano 7 years ago


Dennis Robben 7 years ago
heavy rain by Dennis Robben

pretty old one
Sia A 7 years ago
Some experimenting:

SamanthaLynnn 7 years ago
A Bleeding Heart is Better Than the Penitentiary

Hate Keeps his Head Up as He Walks Through the Street
CWhatPhotos PRO 7 years ago
Depth of Darkness
MAKapahese [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm shy
Chris Pursell 7 years ago
flipside good n evil
Claudicante 7 years ago
Me. Sometimes.
Alper Design 7 years ago
Life is just an Illusion! by Alper Design
Luiza Rich 7 years ago
Back to life... by Luiza Rich
_eWalter_ PRO 7 years ago
.Dexx 7 years ago
Deus Ex Machina by .Dexx
326/365 WARNING: Contains Mild Irritant
cburns1 7 years ago
Stranger in the Dark
gigsnapper.com PRO 7 years ago
self portrait
LunaPhotographie 6 years ago
mylovelyevilsoul! by LunaPhotographie
NadaHarfoush 6 years ago
Giada Laiso 6 years ago


elifonay 6 years ago
Reach for the unknown.
Anxhela Hoxhalli 6 years ago
In the right light, at the right time
misterzach83 6 years ago
Devastation, Image 1 of the series
lizwashere PRO 6 years ago
Latey I've been drinking too much whiskey 01 by lizwashere

"You’re Holding Something Back"  [02] by lizwashere

Friday the 13th self portrait by lizwashere
Minaal(i) 6 years ago
stephanie acar [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by stephanie acar (member) 6 years ago
faceit. by stephanie acar

I know this isn't dark compared to a lot of these, but it's really dark compared to my usual style!
Moneyfish. PRO 6 years ago
screaming in silence #final

screaming in silence.

There is realy some great work here!!
An@ïs 6 years ago
Xvant 6 years ago
delayed by Xvant
CWhatPhotos PRO 6 years ago
looking at you .
NeilGHamilton 6 years ago
Hood Ornaments PRO 6 years ago
glowing eyes
Anxhela Hoxhalli 6 years ago
me,light and shadow!
mynameiskorrine 6 years ago
cobaltgrl PRO 6 years ago
Self Portrait betrayal
André Wimmer [deleted] 6 years ago
.Briana. 6 years ago
vudie 6 years ago

I really like this self portrait image...not sure I can replicate the lighting again.
Aaron Sehmar 6 years ago
dont know if its dark enough....

The Things That Go Bump In The Night by Aaron Sehmar
Martin Vlach [deleted] 6 years ago
XanderRapparport 6 years ago
DJVAQ 6 years ago
WillFox90 6 years ago
Really great work guys, fantastic
Swedish Goose PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Swedish Goose (member) 6 years ago
Maybe not a self portrait as such (multiple self portrait during a long exposure) but I think it fits the thread


Self portrait:
Fear of the dark
marzukrene [deleted] 6 years ago
'Niveus' Posted 6 years ago. Edited by 'Niveus' (member) 6 years ago
 by 'Niveus'

Getting Ready by 'Niveus'
Monika Krupicka 6 years ago
The Fallen by Monika Krupicka

Scared of Sleep by Monika Krupicka

 by Monika Krupicka

I have just leapt into the world of photography and I will be starting a 52 week project once I get a job. Check out my photostream if you like :)
Kaptain Kobold 6 years ago
morrie.w 6 years ago
Desperated by morrie.w
Iyuwakodi 6 years ago
"Desolate" by Iyuwakodi
Dan Around Town PRO 6 years ago
Selfportrait With Photo Edits. A Old Hercules Photo.
Georgina Smith Photography Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Georgina Smith Photography (member) 6 years ago
Lost by Georgina Smith Photography

Untitled. by Georgina Smith Photography
z nathalie 6 years ago
we're all under the upper hand by z nathalie
Pete Glogiewicz PRO 6 years ago
Here's mine.
'Danger Within' 17th January 2012 #47
Rachel_Morey 6 years ago
The Abyss
The Abyss by Rachel_Morey
Josie Bauman 5 years ago
not exactly dark... but darker than most of my stuff :)
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