sweet memories

Mike McInnis PRO 6:42am, 6 February 2006
The words "See Rock City" conjure up very specific--and very sweet--memories for me. As a child my family made a few long road trips through Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas, and I can remember thinking it was bizarre and beautiful to see barns and buildings painted with these cryptic words (and their red-headed step-sister, "See Ruby Falls"). My dad's family is from Western NC, and my parents had made similar trips as young adults before I was born, and so when they pointed out the SRC signs to my brother and me, it was already nostalgic for them. In some ways, I think I absorbed some of their nostalgia for such things.

I love rural photography and old barns, silos, tractors, and such. Seeing the words "See Rock City" painted on a barn is one of those simple things that just warms my heart.
Fancy Horse PRO 12 years ago
I remember seeing them as a child, too, along with the Burma-Shave signs, in Alabama. There was an old joke, in the 1950s, that when man finally got to the moon, he would see a sign that said, "See Rock City!" (I never heard that joke after 1969)
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