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James Callan MEMBER October 22, 2008

Photos have to be taken in or around Seattle. Can you get there and back in a reasonable day? OK. Do you need a plane to do so? Not OK. Out-of-area photos will be removed from the pool without warning.

Photos only. Our video group is Seattlest Moving Images.

Group Description

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Seattlest wants to showcase your take on Seattle.

Add photos to our pool -- or tag them "Seattlest" -- and we may feature your image on the site. We're looking for photos about Seattle, the Seattle metropo area, or at the very least western Washington. We'll remove photos that stray too far afield, even if we love them with all our hearts.

The first way: Seattlest Pix. Every day (unless someone's asleep at the switch), we feature a photo that we love.

The second way: illustrating a post. Saw a show? Attended a rally? Ran into someone famous? If your photo's in our pool, our authors might include them in their posts.

We may not give you a heads-up beforehand, but we will always credit and link back to you.

What kinds of photos do we want? Concerts, readings, gatherings, happenings, architecture, oddities, whimsical sights, amusements, goings-on, neon, vanishing Seattle, birthing Seattle, famous Seattleites, anonymous Seattleites, rain, bridges, viaducts, monorails, transit, food, drink, skylines, sightlines, ticket lines, things everyone knows about, things no one knows about, beauty, truth, signs, signals, phenomena, and anything else you take a picture of that has something to do with the Queen City of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattlest. Get yours at

Group Rules

Any photo added to the Seattlest group may be used on,
either as part of Seattlest Pix (our photo of the day) or to
illustrate a post. We will always credit the photographer, we won't use your photos for anything other than posts (no t-shirts, no calendars). Gothamist policy requires us to store images on our server.

Also, we'll try to notify you when we use your photo, but we can't promise anything.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 30 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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