platty82 8:15pm, 18 April 2012
I'm going to post the instructions again for the April block for the SD BEE for anyone who missed it, but really I just wanted to start a discussion here incase anyone has questions.

The Circuit Board Quilt

This fantastic pillow is my inspiration for this quilt, so let it be your guide…
circuit board pillow by thebackquarteracre

The colors are changed slightly so here is what we will be working with…
00010z by platty82

The background color will be Kona Everglade and the lines/connecters will be Kona Sage. I have supplied these two colors for you. The scrappy squares will be in reds, oranges, and yellows, which I was hoping would come from your stash.
Measurements and Guidelines:
- I am requesting 2 blocks each.
- Think of the block as a grid of 25 squares arranged 5 x 5
000240 by platty82

- Each square before it is sewn together will measure 3.5 inches. Once all sewn together, the block should measure to be 15.5” x 15.5”
- There are really only two types of squares you will be working with
o 3.5” square
o 3.5” square with a 1” strip down the middle
000240_2 by platty82

- Cheat Sheet: 2 squares together – 3.5”x 6.5”.
- 3 squares together – 3.5”x 9.5”.
- 4 squares together – 3.5”x 12.5”.
- Avoid using any fabric that might be too girly (i.e florals) since this is going to a 65 year old man
- Have fun!
platty82 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by platty82 (member) 6 years ago
Also, a couple people have already asked about diagonal lines or L shaped lines. If you want to add one, SURE! Get creative. If you do want to add a diagonal line, I ask that you just piece a 1 inch line instead of the tiny 9-patch shown in the inspiration picture since that will look more cohesive. Have fun with it!
Disentangled 6 years ago
Do you care if some of our stash colors are solids? Or would you prefer all prints?
platty82 6 years ago
solids are fine!
Kelley Brooks 6 years ago
wow- this is amazing. i was so on the fence about signing up for the bee because, although i realllly want to do it, i've been kind of a flake lately... seeing this makes me realize i probably made the right decision- you ladies are sooooo out of my league! its beautiful amanda and i can't wait to see all of your finished blocks! :)
craftyplanner 6 years ago
You are crazy!! You are an amazing quilter. If they will be patient enough with me, then you would be a welcome nonstressful addition!!
{Angela D} 6 years ago
Kelley - you should definitely join. I can assure you my block will be much simpler and Barb already said hers will be easy for next month. Come on, JOIN! Hope to see you at the next meeting.
Kelley Brooks 6 years ago
Sandy and Angela- you guys are sweet. But I assure u, my flakiness is still going full force and I'd be stressed I'd be one of those horrible bee members you read about on people's blogs. So for now I'm cool to show up and admire all your beautiful work. :)
Aspen Hill 6 years ago
HELP! I must have more 'connectors' in my block than expected - I am short ONE 1.5x3.5 piece of the sage (light) green to finish my block. Can someone bring a scrap on Sunday?

Thanks - Deb
terrikuns 6 years ago
Deb - Sure, I have my scraps packed up and ready to bring.
Aspen Hill 6 years ago
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