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Kittens! I want kitten photos!!!


  • Different handles

    At least some of us have different handles on SDMB and Flickr. I know that I do...

    OZinOHages ago18 replies

  • ABC...

    This is a popular topic on the boards. A is for Thataway (Post small or medium...

    Zyadaages ago25 replies

  • Photo association game

    Like a word association, only with photos. The idea starts with one image, an...

    Zyadaages ago61 replies

  • Re-create an album cover!

    Battersea and Ed's travel pig Hey, I'm new to the SDMB flickr community...(and I've got a different userna...

    yawndaveages ago0 replies

  • Pic-tac-toe

    Every row, column, and diagonal have a theme. Can you figure them out? Pic-Tac-Toe

    Zyadaages ago0 replies

  • How can I repeat this effect?

    I took the following picture of a statue of Mary yesterday at around three in th...

    missmossie2003ages ago2 replies

  • Warning. Backup. Backup. Backup

    I suffered a catastrophic hard rive failure the other day. All of my procrastin...

    Tully Marsages ago2 replies

  • Woohoo! New Camera!

    For graduation, my dad gave me a Nikon D-40x. I'm a little bit in love with it,...

    missmossie2003ages ago4 replies

  • The requisite kitten thread

    Moody and Amira

    Zyadaages ago4 replies

  • Why do you take pictures?

    What got you interested in photography? For me, it's just sort of a lark. My...

    missmossie2003ages ago2 replies

  • Anyone want to come up with a group logo?

    What might we do? SDMB in Flickr colors? One of the illustrations from the str...

    Zyadaages ago0 replies

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