Jackie XLY PRO 3:46pm, 26 September 2011
I posted a photo on here and took time to rate each one carefully, and also gave constructive feedback on every single one. The ones I disliked, I even gave postive comments about the aspects of the photo I did like, but also said which elements and didn't like and the reasons why, but carefully as I didn't want to hurt someone's feelings.

Seems certain members cannot take that. One member came onto my photostream and commented negatively on a random photo and said,
"Oh. I thought after your comment you was an almost perfect photographer. But far from that."

I'd actually rated his photograph quite highly, but asked a few questions about it, and explained what I thought was really good about the photo, and what I didn't like.

I know I probably shouldn't have replied to him, and just deleted it, but I was slightly irritated, so wrote

"I'm certainly not and I never claimed I was perfect! You asked for comments, I gave them. I liked your photo, and explained what I liked and what I disliked, and gave it constructively. I took time to look at your photo and gave everyone feedback. If you don't like constructive criticism, why do you put your photos on a ratings group that people give comments on? You may disagree with my comments, that's fine. At least mine was constructive, you've just come onto a random photo of mine and slagged me off."

So why do people post photos on a group which asks for feedback/ratings and then get in a strop just because people don't think their work is perfect.

Just wondered what people's thoughts are.

Jackie XLY PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jackie XLY (member) 7 years ago
Since the above post, I have actually deleted his comments and sent him a very polite message - yes it was polite, I don't want to rock the boat! I probably should have ignored him completely, suppose.
The best are the people who give you a 1/20 on all your photos regardless if they've posted another image or not. I even had one guy give me a 1/20 because I "only" gave him a 16/20.
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