jmvazquezjr (jmv_nyc) 1:39pm, 23 February 2011
I'm fairly new to photography, so I'm here trying to take in as much information as I can to improve my skills. This group is great for getting your photos noticed (by at the very least 20 people), but in the end all we're really left with is 20 numbers (that's if you're lucky enough to receive all 20). Without any feedback, these numbers mean nothing...especially the low numbers. I'd much rather receive a 5 with some constructive criticism, than an 18 with no feedback.'s my suggestion: Require a comment along with the score. I understand it would take a bit longer to rate AND comment 20 photos, but if you're rushing to get through 20 then you probably shouldn't have joined this group. Appreciating photography shouldn't be rushed. Even if the comment is as simple as "blown out sky", or "too much saturation" least you'll know what prompted that person's rating.

Does anyone else agree?
crystalpix 7 years ago
I agree to an extent. I like to receive comments on my pictures, but if someone gives one a good score without any comment I know that they think it is good. I also give scores without giving comments because most of the time I don't really have any comment. A lot of pictures are good without being great and I don't have any advice about how to fix them because they are fine, just not great or the kind of pictures I like the best. Also, who am I to give advice as I am just an amateur trying to become better at taking the kind of pictures that I like. Unless there is something blatantly wrong with a picture that almost everyone would notice, I don't really like to give criticism.
doitsunosensei PRO 7 years ago
I like your idea and suggestion.
But: I fear this group is not designed for your idea. As long as the rules doesn't ask for reasons/comments - there won't be many people who do so.
There are other group for feedback like that. I'm a member in one, but it is in German language only. I remember that I've seen groups like that in English language, too.
Try a group like that.
But don't expect to much! On one photo I had a comment: Not shiny enough. And for the same photo: Too shiny. And I have spend a lot of time to have it as shiny as it was. ;-)
I usually get the best "real" comments and suggestions from contacts that I have. Before I add my images to any groups I let some days pass for "real" comments.
Good luck!
TomBrooklyn 7 years ago
You may want critique on your photos, but most people really don't want the nitty gritty lowdown on what they did wrong, and they especially don't want it on their comment stream where anybody else can read it.

As far as critiquing, many people do not feel qualified to do so, and many who feel qualified are nevertheless uncomfortable with being publically critical of another persons photo in detail.

This same phenomena is often manifested in many people to some extent by scoring higher than they really feel is justified, for reasons of politeness or not wanting to seem unpleasant.
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