fragile pocket [deleted] 9:46pm, 29 October 2010
I have tried to come up with my own rating & critique system and I'm not sure it's clear to others or just serves to tick people off..

My goal is to try, at the very least, to have some transparency so that the scoring may be replicated by others very easily using the same points of comparison.

So, here's what I've come up with thus far and I would really like to hear some feedback!



You have been scored by a member of ~Insert Group Here~

:~: The comments, critiques & results are meant solely as constructive criticism by one individual, not the group mentionned above or herein and should you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to send me a message [including reference to the critiqued photograph, the original critique on my part and please title the message "Critique FollowUp"]. You may contact me at: MyEmailAddressGoesHere :~:

Here is how I determined your score:
(with a potential four points alloted as 'bonus' "Top Notch Photography" points):

:: 1. :: Is it THOUGHT-PROVOKING ? {4 points}
Commented answer X point(s)

:: 2 :: Does it COMMUNICATE a message ? {4 points}
Commented answer X point(s)

:: 3. :: How well did you use SIMPLICITY & COMPOSITION? {4 points}
[Lack of unnecessary clutter to convey the same idea/message (?), good use of compositional tools and elements (?)]
Commented answer X point(s)

:: 4. :: ORIGINALITY? {4 points}
Commented answer ; X point(s)

:: 5. :: Did I get a feeling of CONNECTION to the photographer through the picture? {4 points}
Commented answer ; X point(s)

:: 6. :: Does your work show COMPLEXITY? {4 points}
[Various facades within the picture]
Commented answer ; X point(s)

Interpretation of Results is intended as follows:

1-4 = Needs Work...
5-8 = Average.
9-12 = Good!
13-16 = Almost Perfect!!
17-20 = Knockout!!!
21-24 = 7th Heaven!!!!!!!

:: Your Score :: _| |_ / 20


Post-Scoring Personal Commentary: I look forward to your future work!

actually im just looking for the WOW factor, no specific criteria...
brash field [deleted] 7 years ago
I wish more people would pay attention to the factors you mentioned. Also I believe people rate a lot solely on subject matter not taking into consideration the composition, or any other factors that make a photo good or great. I look at many things when rating including clarity, composition, mood, and lighting to name a few.
sieber_werner PRO 7 years ago
Intuitively, the subject matter is rather important, but if it is not presented with the necessary skill, it will not strike the eye at first glance. If a picture shows a wolf in the wild, I shall forgive a certain lack of detail - but if the subject is the wall of a house, it needs a fair amount of formal and technical perfection to convince.
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