Jo_Underground 7:44pm, 21 June 2010
After receiving 20 votes (or close to 20), add up the scores and divide by the number of votes you received. If your average is between 17 and 20, post your photo in this thread so everyone can see what an "The Best" photo looks like! Don't forget to post your average score as well.

Thanks According to Custom's for the text
Alphaholik 8 years ago
17.15 (291.5 from 17 scores)
PHL_DxO_tonemapped 001
Alphaholik 8 years ago
Jo Underground when I add up your scores I only get 300 total NOT 317?????
Jo_Underground 8 years ago
@ Alphaholik: I calculate two times, but you are right it is wrong! I remove the pic!
Alphaholik 8 years ago
It is a beautiful image ( I like it better than mine, I have seen this lighthouse so many times) So many people score all images the same score and such that I think it is more the luck of the draw on who scores...Sad but I am afraid it is true..... Sue ;~)
nizios 8 years ago
I calculated three times and got 310 from 18 scores. So my average score is 17.22 :) Thanks for all who voted especially for your faves!

Coenagrion puella
eddie_fletch Posted 8 years ago. Edited by eddie_fletch (member) 8 years ago
17.11 average from 18 votes..... Including a 14...
2 Scorers missing....

Li Jiang
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