TomBrooklyn 8:53pm, 24 January 2010
Based on my involvement with many scoring groups on flickr, I have occasion from time to time to identify certain photographers that are confirmed, repeat non-scorers, and are also submitters to this group.
I recommend you ban them.

TomBrooklyn 9 years ago
manutorre / Manuel Vicente

did not score

confirmed dns

confirmed dns

1st 4 subms checked. no scores found

20 subms total from 3/2/09 to 1/24/10. did not score on many checked. believed to have scored on none.

Laponet Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Laponet (member) 7 years ago
Be careful with this flicker.

He does not accept when your score do not match his ego.

He's behaviour consist in erasing your score, sending you several flickr-mails telling you what your score must be like, annoying, bothering, etc, using a unpolite language and manners.
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