allfr3d PRO 5:51pm, 20 December 2009
Photophile 2008 says the following about my picture

Score 1 to 20 on 20 "

What is this, is a frame and an name enough to say that my picture is not a real one?
I have but photos taken by me!
Is there someone who have got the same insult?
Let me know
A very upset Flickr friend
kimdokhac PRO 9 years ago
hi allfr3d,

show me your pic !
i recieved some scores between 2 and 20,
don't be upset, keep shooting..
it is a game .. have fun

Pavel M Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Pavel M (member) 9 years ago
Just a point of clarification. allfr3d had some e-mail exchange on this topic already. I explained to him, that I really liked the paper doll he photographed, but that the photo did not add much new to the attractive doll and I saw it mostly as a record of that doll. No insult was intended, as I also already communicated to him.

I sometimes get lower marks than I feel I deserve (or indeed higher score than I feel I deserve). I frankly do not care much about the score, except that it helps me see how people react to different photos I take. Also, I think the score is not just a reflection on the photographer, but also on the reviewer. If a good photo receives a low score, it probably means that the reviewer did not get it and it reflects on her/him.

In order to help people to understand why I scored the way I did, I point out in my comments some of the aspects of the photos I liked and those that I liked less. It would be nice if you guys reciprocated, so I better understand the scoring you use. Thanks

Allfr3d, do not take it too seriously. I tried to provide you with helpful, constructive feedback and I wish you took it that way. If it will make you feel better, you can retaliate and give my images a score of 1/20.

Here is a link to his photo:
allfr3d PRO 9 years ago
Thx for the clarification photophile, but i could not understand that you favor a picture of an oilpainting and see a record in a hommage to the work of Cloé, i bought from her.
But you have a point, if i am into a pool of scores, i must learn to relativate a bit more.
Merry Christmas to you all and Peace on Earth : )
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