Toto Shooting 6:01pm, 21 September 2009
Hi to everybody.
I joined this group some days ago. I read carefully the rules of the Group so i do not commit any failure that can cause me to be banned.

There is a line that disturbs me quite much : "If you give the score as 17 or more you MUST select that photo as a FAVORITE."

Question is: Will I be banned if i do not add a high rated photo to my favorites?
The thing is that this line forces me to add pictures that I feel they deserve a high rate, but at the same time are not my style of photography, or a style I'm not interested.
Example, I'm interested in Black and white photography, therefore I do not want to place color photos in my favorites!

So this situation leaves me with two options:
1 - Rate every perfect photo with a 16 (what is absolutely not fair)
2 - Simply not giving any feedback to a picture that really deserve it.

Can someone tell me what is the reason why this line exist?
I like this group, and do like that people rate my pictures, but is not my intention that they feel forced to add me to their favorites.


Garter Blue PRO 9 years ago
You should be more generous with your Favourites!

It's as simple as that.

I might also ask why you have joined a group which is predominatly colour yet you say it is of little intrest to you?
Toto Shooting:

Quite simply if you score 17 or above then you would want that photo as favourite...right????
Toto Shooting 9 years ago
Let's put this this way...
If I see a nice pair of woman shoes I will buy them for my wife, because they are IN FACT nice. But if I'm single I'm not going to buy them, and still the FACT is they are nice.

Garter Blue: You should be more generous with your Favourites!
Answer: OK I will... I will place every 17 points into my favorites.

"...why you have joined a group which is predominatly colour..."
Answer: there it says "EXAMPLE" (wanted to clarify my idea)... I could use architecture or landscape or birds, or HDR, etc...

I like this group, and I will stick to the rules - 17 points -> to my favorites
AbdullahGirach 9 years ago
but what about some people who even though score 17 but do not mark the image as faved ....
Toto Shooting 9 years ago
I dont know if people mark pictures with 17+ and not place them into their favorites. I like this group very much, and I'm concern about the fact of being banned - that's why i start this thread.
So, i guess is all clarified, i thank you all for your inputs.
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