gek-ko PRO 1:35pm, 31 August 2009
My pic wasn't commented by 2 persons. is there a chance to get the missing 2 scores from somebody else?
There is the link:

lord cнernoвιll 9 years ago
Me too:

El agua, ese fragmento de paz
iM@n 9 years ago
me too
In the Dark by iM@n
Nitekite 9 years ago
3 members didn't comment on this pic.

The end of summer #2
dragonfly II

10 missing
once again, many...
brash field [deleted] 7 years ago
missing 2
Burning Love 7 years ago
missing one...

Love between a Boy and Girl, can be so Wonderful...
vonreichenbach 7 years ago
missing 2

Q by vonreichenbach
nizios 7 years ago
missing 1

Misumena Vatia
CBD28 PRO 6 years ago
Missing 1 score

Basilique Ste Marie-Madeleine,  Vézelay
vonreichenbach 6 years ago
2 missing

Im Korn by vonreichenbach
vonreichenbach 6 years ago
3 missing

Vor dem Gewitter ...approaching thunderstorm by vonreichenbach
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