rady one ツ 9:30pm, 11 June 2009
Ok, i know i'm new here and maybe i'm not really familiar with how everything goes. I know that scoring a photo is a very subjective thing to do and i won't even get into all that, but i noticed one of the users here scored more then a half of the photos he commented on with 10/20. I am not questioning his style and the way he appreciates an image but it looks very strange when you see photo after photo with the exact same score, it almost looks like he just copy/pasted without even trying to look at the picture...
Just follow the entries after this..
Stefano Guadagni PRO 9 years ago
Actually. it is offensive
Jim Salvas 9 years ago
I'm new, too, and my lowest score came from a guy who scored all 20 photos exactly the same, without comment.

This, however, is at least neutral. I more resent those who score a pedestrian snapshot of a flower or butterfly higher than a truly good photo. Typically, these people have pretty crappy photos themselves.
Stuart's Gallery 9 years ago
Personally if I score anything under a 10 I leave a comment.. What annoys me is when someone scores yopu considerably lower than everyone else but gives no reason. I had a photo where I got a 6, the next lowest was a couple of 12s, then everything else was 13 or more. I understand it is subjective BUT would still like to know why someone scores half of what everyone else does!
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