*CezCze* (off-line) 5:05pm, 3 February 2009
The rules are simple: click on photostream of person who is before you,
find a photo that you think is the best and share the link to it.

SMALL photos only!

Of course this requires that the next person will have to view my photostream
(sorry !)... but someone has to start!

How to paste the link with the best photo?:

a) click on the best photo (in your opinion) of person who is before you
b) click on ALL SIZES
c) click on Small
d) copy the code form the box named:
Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage
e) paste the code to this Discussion;
or more simple:

If you'd like to include a Flickr photo, simply copy and paste its URL between square brackets, like so:

[ ]

but without the spaces.
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p4141615 - Natural History Museum by *CezCze* (off-line)

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Köln, Fühlinger See by Nitekite
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