vin dog 6:38pm, 19 January 2009
so i am doing some scores this morning and rate this picture a 10/20: --

--as defined by the rules of this group, 10/20 means "good." but apparently for the taker of this picture, Arnaud Sagnier cherche modèle that wasnt enough. he felt the need to score one of my pictures, out of order, a 3/20. now, i'd have no problem with this if i didnt think it was a revenge score. but then he emails me: "please go to learn photgraphy (sic) before rate the others !!!". he then deleted my score from his picture. i guess having been viewed 300+ times and having 20 favorites isnt enough for this guy, who obviously has major insecurity issues.

it seems a lot of people here want everyone to stroke their egos and love everything they do. my suggestion is, if you want that kind of reaction, show your friends and family only. the world is a big place and we all view things differently. and besides, with art there is no right or wrong, there is only perspective.

so seeing how this user broke a group rule: "5. Do not remove scores if you don’t like them.", i think he should be banned.
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