Emely [MLY] PRO 9:08am, 2 May 2008
Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and just rated my first 20 photos. While rating I tried my very best to tell the person who's photo was being scrutinized, why I was giving him or her a particular score. While doing so I noticed none of the other scorers on those particular photos had taken their time to explain their scores. I posted my photo here to get constructive criticism, not to get 20 arbitrary scores with no further explanation, and thought while reading the rules (#4. Be constructive, and respectful, even if you hate the photo, as you would expect the same.) that that's what I would get.. To get a low score without any explanation doesn't make me a better photographer or editer in the future!
(I hope I didn't sound too whiney just now!)

So far I have no scores on my picture, but I hope that when they appear, they do so with a line or two stating why I deserve the score in question, and I think most of you would agree with me on that, no?
InspiredByGilly 10 years ago
i agree with you, i have tried to add a line on why I like the photo and also noticed that no-one else was doing the same.

I think it would be good to see what the admins say, what is their take on it?

also i noticed that i got a whole heap of 16s and was wondering if the obligation to fave on 17 or more meant that even though people liked the photo they didn't want to add it to their faves so could only give 16. I have to admit I found that on one occasion i did the same, what does eveyone else think? have they done that too?

P.S. no you don't sound whiney! you have put your point across well :)
docfuz 10 years ago
No whiney at all. In fact I feel the same. As I stated elsewhere, I received 5 votes. One said 5 or 6 words (not rows of words, just words), the other said nothing :-) Call this constructive criticism :-ppp

When I voted my first 20 photos I made at least 3 or 4 faves. I do NOT understand why people isn't inclined to fave photos... as later they might regret it or be called by others on their choice :-)

sure flickr fellows are as strange as real world ones :-)
*CezCze* (off-line) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *CezCze* (off-line) (admin) 10 years ago
thx for your opinions;
pls remember this:
You needn't comment on any photo posted in the pool if you don’t have a time to do so but you must give your SCORE.

You may comment and put some words from you, but you needn't (in this group).

@ docfuz
Please use the disscus:
score 17 or more and NO FAVE
NO SCORE from somebody on your photo
Jacek (mara2n1) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jacek (mara2n1) (member) 10 years ago
About your discusion I have two impressions :
1. maybe not everyone can write his opinion in english . my english is bad and what I can tell you about your photo ? I saw that in flickr are a lot of people from others side of world , and not all writte good in english . That is reason why they didnt writting dissertation about your photos .
2. is right when he said that people are like in real world , than I 'm not in other simillar groups with score . They didnot objective a lot of people watching from is autor of shot , But it is only my opinion about part of members of another groups . I was or I'm in over 500 groups and I find only one which was with racialist approach some admin/mods. IT IS ONLY MY OPINiON AND NOT ABOUT THIS GROUP. If you are not agree with it please tell me ,maybe I'm mistaken .
docfuz 10 years ago
*CezCze: right, I'm not saying anyone is breaking any law :-) I am just pointing out that numbers alone are, PERHAPS, or at least IMHO, useless:

- they won't make you a better shooter
- they won't let us understand or get an insight on people's taste
- they won't let us on Explore since groups like this in which you MUST comment and fave do not increase interestingness

So I thought it might help to speak with people. Hey, we even review all our contacts photos at least 3 times a week......... OR NOT? :-pppp

I know it takes time.

For the author of this thread: I'll wait till I get 20 votes. If they're all "just numbers" I'll leave. I really have big times already with my contacts list.

Jacek: yes, you're probably right. But english, willing or not, is spoken at least at understandable level from almost everyone. If not, we're speaking about a percentage of the population. If all votes here are "just numbers" the problem is not the language, I'd suppose, but I don't love stats :-p
*CezCze* (off-line) Posted 10 years ago. Edited by *CezCze* (off-line) (admin) 10 years ago
Thx Jacek.
My English is not good enogh, too :-) I suppouse it is understood.
(I have to use some dictionaries like
I suppouse I make mistakes frequently.)

If somebody wants to have more detail opinion
she/he can check groups like these:

Groups Beta