Hi everybody,

*CezCze* (off-line) 5:02pm, 3 April 2008
would you like to tell us something about you?
Ametxa 10 years ago
Hello there. Gerardo, from Madrid, Spain. Uh… something more? OK, come to my stream. Beer and crackers are on me…
docfuz 10 years ago
I'm from Italy and just finished to mark 20 photos, whoa! I tried to write a comment of some rows for every one of the twenty shots. It's been long but I think we deserve more than "15, nice, move along" :-))))

Hope this does not upset anyone as I'm not a pro, but a simple newbie with lots of (possibly wrong) ideas in his head :-p
Mary Trebilco 10 years ago
Hi, and thank you for the invitation to this group. I'm not sure where to start, or which photos to add, but I'm a novice photographer, and I'm really keen to get some constructive criticism on some of my shots... so I hope this is the right place... ?

Looking forward to getting to know some of you! :-)
docfuz 10 years ago
The first experience, for the momenti being, is poor :-)
I already received 5 marks on my first photo, but of these:

- 1 with less than a row of words (thank you btw)
- 4 with NO words/comments at all, just the vote

Please note I'm not expecting people to "lose their time" explaining :-)

It's just I am curious as someone else sees it this way. Obviously will wait till the first 20 marks! :-)
maldoit 10 years ago
Hi, thank for invitation ... i think this group is a good idea for no mandatory comments and large value of score ...
i live in italy, florence
Hi iam from kingdom of saudi arabia.
Thankyou so much .
مرحبا ني من مملكة العربية السعودية.
شكر كثيرا.
সালাম আমি সৌদিয়া থেকে ।
আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ ।
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