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TomBrooklyn ADMIN July 1, 2012
- Pre-Rule 1. Examine the first five photos for any flood photos (same photographer.) If found, do not score those photos. Skip them and proceed as if they were not there.

- Do you know Rule 17? Members are responsible to know all the rules.

- Did Not Score Icon for member use added to front page information. Check it out.

Group Description

Score the first five photos in the group on a basis on 100, using the score code immediately below. Then submit your photo to get scored.

== Score 5! Score Code. == Copy and paste below with every score. ==

<a href=><img src=""/></a> Score: __ / 100 from the <a href=""> <b> Score 5! </b> </a> group.

== Score 5! Score Code. == Copy and paste above with every score ==

- If you don't use the above score code, you didn't score in this group. Imitations are neither recognized nor appreciated.

- Recommended photo viewing is fullscreen in the flickr Lightbox on a color calibrated monitor in a glare free area.

- If you desire to understand a scorer's reasoning in arrival at the score they gave; ask them. Scorers are requested to make a good faith effort in reply and elaborate as appropriate.

- If you're missing a score or comment, please ask your scorer to provide it. If a non-scorer doesn't respond, please report that via the Rules Violation Discussion Thread or flickrmail to staff.

- Resubmission for an extra batch of scores after photo has reached page two is allowed.

- Also see: complete set of RULES. You are responsible to know them and follow them. If you owe restitution, make it.

- If you wish, provide some critique points, some explanation about how you arrived at your score, and/or describe the impact the photo has on you.

Average your scores:

- If your image scored an average of __[ 60 to 70 ]__post it in this thread

- If your image scored an average of __[ 70 to 80 ]__post it in this thread

- If your image scored an average of __[ 80 to 90 ]__post it in this thread

- If your image scored an average of __[ 90 to 100 ]__post it in this thread


♥ Do your duty! Invite your friends, family and contacts! ♥

***ATTENTION HEROES AND MEN and Those Who Would Flaunt the Morality of the Tribe!***
ONE complaint against someone and it will be INVESTIGATED!

Scan the pool for flooders.
Score the five photos to the immediate right of yours.
Allow at least five images to post after yours before posting another.
♥ Score the photo. (Not the subject or according to personal taste.)
♥ Leave a critical comment with your score if desired.
♥ Be constructive, specific, and phrase critique in a positive tone.
♥ Begin your critique by mentioning something you like about the photo.
♥ If requested by the photographer, explain how you arrived at your score.
♥ If any scores vary by more than 20 points, those scorers must explain how they arrived at their score. After reviewing the other scorers comments, scorers may adjust their score if desired.
Have fun!

» Flooding.
» Deleting of scores or comments on main page unless OK'd by a staff member.
» Blocking other members or staff.


♥ Do your duty! Invite your friends, family and contacts! ♥


If you observe a photographer that submitted a photo without rating any others, or who didn't score your photo, comment on their photo with the following code:

<a href=""><img src="" width="163" height="165" alt="flickr Score5 dns icon"></a>

It will look like this:
flickr Score5 dns icon

If You See This Icon on Someone's Photo
- Don't rate that photo. Skip it and continue rating as if it didn't exist.
- You may place another one of these did-not-rate icons on it if you find that they still did not meet their rating obligation.

If You Get This Icon On Your Photo

Immediately fulfill your rating obligation, then contact the person who placed the icon on your photo, and an admin, via flickrmail. Advise them you rated, and request them to verify and remove the dnr icon. Removal of that icon without rating will likely get you banned. Your rights to request make-up ratings or use the Missing Rating Thread for that photo are forfeit. You may remove the photo and resubmit it after it has reached page 2.

Score 5!  ( Rate 5, Submit 1) - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver
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Rules in Other Languages: are generally unavailable in an up to date version. Volunteers who can help with that are welcome to assist.

Moderators are wanted. Primarily to identify and counsel non-scorers. Apply within.


Group Rules

This group requires your active participation before you submit a photo. Following these rules is required, and is monitored, and strictly enforced.


Pre-Rule 1. Examine the first six photos for any flood photos (same photographer.) If found, do not score those photos. Skip them and proceed as if they were not there.

1. Score the first six* photos in the pool using the group's Official Score Code which is prominently displayed near the top of the "About Score 5" section on the front page. Preferably, critique the photo explaining how you arrived at your score, utilizing good critique etiquette. Then post your photo.

2. Allow at least six* photos to post after yours before posting again.

3. Do not score the photos of non-scorers when noticed. Attach the following code to their photo:

<a href=""><img src="" width="163" height="165" alt="flickr Score5 dns icon"></a>
<a href=""><img src="" width="163" height="21" alt="flickr See Rule No. 1"></a>

which will look like this:
flickr Score5 dns icon
flickr See Rule No. 1

Rate an extra photo at the end. Non-scorer photos will be removed by staff.

4. Violation of any rule may result in the removal of your photo. Additionally, not scoring may result in the revocation of your membership or banning. If cited by staff for a violation of any rule except Rule 3, make six restitution ratings for each violation, but never less than 12. Ratings are to be made in the Missing Rating Thread (MRT). When done, advise the citing staff member by mail and await verification, a letter of satisfaction and clearance to resubmit. Bans can have lifted by rating 15 photos in addition to those required for restitution, or as specified by the citing staff authority.

GENERAL CONDITIONS and RULES (Scoring Group Standard)

5. Do not remove any photo or comment you've received as long as the photo is on the first three rows of page 1, making it appear someone didn't score. The penalty is banishment.

5a. If you feel a score or comment is inappropriate, contact a staff member for review and assistance.

5b. If you notice someone has removed your score from their photo, making it appear that you didn't score, report it in the RVR thread or via flickrmail to staff.

6. If you fail to get at least five scores, request it and/or place the "did not score icon" on the photo of the person you are owed a score from.

6a. Promptly rate any of the five photos prior to yours that do not yet have your rating, at any time, upon request from any member or staff. *****

7. You may request a critique from your scorer(s) explaining how they arrived at their score of your photo.

7a. Promptly provide such a critique of how you arrived at your score, upon request. Make a good faith effort to be thoughtful, thorough, and polite.

8. Don't block other members.*** If an issue arises with another member, you may contact a mod or admin to help mediate or resolve it.

8a. Don't block moderators or administrators.**** Instant ban.

9. Don't advertise anything or include spam with your rating. (Especially flickrriver or any link to your photostream or website.)

10. This is an adult group. Tasteful, artistic nudes or implied nudes is allowed. Tawdry or voyeristic type photos are not, nor are photos with profane titles. They are subject to removal at the discretion of the staff. Considered appeals will be entertained.

11. The official language of the group is English. Correspondence between members and staff is to be made in English unless mutually agreed upon. Google translate provides a free online translation service.

17. Know these rules. It is a rule that you must know the rules.

17.1. Be aware of any messages in the Admin Squawk box (the gray box on the front page) anytime you visit the group for the latest group information and updates.

17.2 Be familiar with all [Official] Discussion Threads and any other threads that discuss items of interest to the group.

17.3 Be familiar with the front page information.

17.4 Be familiar with the FAQs

17.5. Rules are updated or amended from time to time. Members are responsible to know the latest version.

* About 90% of the time, in any given five submissions, at least one will be from a non-rater whose photo will be removed. FAQs

** Non-rater photos will be removed (and the photographer possibly removed or banned.) Any ratings on those photos will be lost. Failure to rate an extra photo will leave someone short a rating. Then you may be required to promptly return to rate another, or YOUR photo may be removed.

*** A person can't rate your photo if you're blocking them.

**** Blocking a staff member will get you banned instantly upon discovery, no questions asked. (No questions can be asked if your blocking.)

*****Photos from nonraters are removed and your rates may have been lost. You are obligated to rate five raters. If you rate non-raters, we won't count them.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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