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Greg Adams Photography ADMIN September 4, 2016
Welcome to our group. While we are not very active these days we always welcome your posts of creative photography!

Group Description

A group for scientists, medical professionals and non-scientists who simply have a love of science. This is a place to post your Best photography as each photo will be considered for inclusion in our weekly competition. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR SNAPSHOTS HERE

See all our SELECTED PHOTOS in the Scientist Photographers Selection Group,
where we collect the best Pictures of the Pool, after the weekly Challenges.

Also these are the most interesting photos in this pool


Winner of the last selection:
"West Wittering posts" by milouvision

West Wittering posts

"Horseshoe falls" by wemidji
Horseshoe falls



If you want to introduce yourself!

If you want to show your face!

If you want to follow our discussion about different cameras!

If you want to know more about our music discussion!

If you want to know more about our film discussion!

If you want to share the photos that impress you!

If you want to know what are the most interesting and faved shots!

If you want to share an interesting quote with us!

If you want to discuss on women in Science (and Engineering) !

If you want to discuss the recent books that you read!

If you want to reveal the secret behind your screen name !

Or even If you want to talk about people who have impressed you in life!

Have Fun!


For "weekly" competitions (which are currently rather infrequent...): (CURRENTLY ON HOLD)

1. Members post one per week of their quality photos (good composition, technique, and emotional appeal) to the pool.

2. An admin opens a thread for the competition.

3. Each member can select 1-3 photos that he/she considers the deserved ones (excluding his/her own ;) ), add the tag "SP Selection", and give this comment:

(Hi, I've chosen your photo for the competition of the week at <a href="">Scientist Photographers</a> group, you can also post, nominate and score in the discussion section of our group! Good Luck!)

4. Each member selects three (3) photos as their favorites in the voting. No fair voting for your own...

5. Winner and 2 runners-up will be announced based on the total score.

6. The 3 best photos will be tagged as "selected as the best" and they can be posted to the Scientist Photographers Selection group. The best photo will be displayed on our group home page and as the group icon.

7. An admin lock that thread, concluding the competition of that week.

For Theme Thread Competition(CURRENTLY ON HOLD)

1. Sunday each week a theme is announced (In most case by the winner of previous theme competition).

2. Members post their image that suits the theme in the thread. They are also requested to give their points to the previous theme which is then open for voting.

3. In the next week the thread is open for voting. All members are requested to participate in the voting.

4. Announcement of winner by Sunday and next theme.
Please give this to your comments to spread the word about this group. much appreciate it

(from Scientist Photographers group)

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Historical Stuff...
SP Featured Photographers

1. Greg -- May 24, 2007
2. Rebecca -- May 31, 2007
3. Dave -- June 7, 2007
4. Maria -- June 18, 2007


Our first 32 winners

Seven Sisters mark where we have beenBattle abbey ruins. East Sussex.Gaia VICappuccetto RossoInspirationThanks for the dreams FéticheTrain crossing Grosvenor bridge in the fog.SpectatorMatin brumeuxExploding podsLion of OlympiaSumner BeachThe Net Velvet WatersMetroinertia creepsAntelope Canyon Light 3Chesapeake BayThresholdmissing linkYesterday, Today and Tomorrow ... thanks is friday!Walk About-Image305DawnTime to sleep - Waikiki variations 5Triple BreakDawnRed UmbrellaBalconies


Early Theme Threads
1. Gravity 2. What Makes You Get Out of Bed in the Morning 3. Solitude 4. Tandem 5. Decay
6. Tension and Compression 7. Combustion 8. Color 9. Speed-Movement 10. The Waiting
11. Depth of Field 12. Shadows and Light in Black and White 13. GeometrY 14. Minimalism - less is more
15. Emotions (part I:) Sorrow 16. Mystery 17. Freedom 18. NightTime is the Right time 19. Coffee and Tea 20. Color on Color 21. Forgotten 22. Contrast 23. Point of View 24. Fruits and Vegetables25. Pavement – Underfoot & Un-noticed 26. Air and Space 27. The Absurd 28. All you need is LOVE 29. A Dark Mood 30. Miracles 31. Going Underground 32. Yin-yang 33. Bon Appetit 34. Experimentation 35. Fusion 36. Long exposure 37. Looking Straight Up 38. Structure 39. Mountains 40. Red Tomato 41. Chase 42. Transportation 43. Winter Wonderland 44. Perserverance 45. Chaos 46. Still Life 47. Homage 48. Balance 49. Really Colorful 50. Chiaroscuro 51. Reflection 52. Unexpected DoF 53. Beauty of Decay 54. Missed 55. Tax 56. Symbolism 57. Memories due to Concrete 58. Hesitation 59. Class 60. Spontaneity


Group Rules

Members post twoof their quality photos (good composition, technique, and emotional appeal) per week to the pool.

Please give this to your comments to spread the word about this group. much appreciate it

(from Scientist Photographers group)

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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