lynn smith 11:49am, 22 June 2008
"Science is golden" is very ambiguous. I would not have viisted the group had I not been invited to join. My suggested name is... the art of science. I presume this is the goal: to demonstrate that man made objects and/or natural phenomena can be presented aesthetically.
admin 10 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully it'll raise a bit more awareness of scientific photography by being a bit more visible when searching for groups.
Good Idea!
Now we only have to get rid of the "The" in the Title, just name the Group "Art of Science" or "Art in Science" or Art & Science", kause the first Letter "A" gives a better Ranking for the Group in the Grouplist and People visit, what they find first... Good Luck anyway.
"Art & Science" puts the two disciplines on an equal footing which I think is a good thing - or "Science & Art"
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