Contest Idea

tasmith2012 6:39pm, 16 June 2012
I'm new here, not looking to tread on anyone's toes, but it seems it's been awhile since there was a contest (the original creator of this group is gone?) Here's my idea:

A support corvette contest, at minifig scale. Craft would be designed for interplanetary travel, maximum range, say, 15 AU? Minimum life-support/rations for 3 months.

You decide how many crew, their function, armament, defenses, sensors array, engine type, max speed, etc.

Max length would be somewhere around 30 to 40 pegs.

Has this been done already, somewhere? I see tons of star fighters, but it seems they'd have limited applications in space combat - like who'd want to sit in a cockpit for more than a few hours?
Wiseman_Lego 6 years ago
could be funny
The Magic Tuba Pixie 6 years ago
I'd certainly be down for a contest. A contest was the reason I joined this group in the first place, why not have more?
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