supreme eyes [deleted] 2:17pm, 26 July 2009
I know I have been abscent for a while (my job had me out of pocket for about 6 months) but I am back and building again.

If you are not an ADMIN of this group you do not have the right to post a contest. If you have a contest idea please flickr mail me and we will discuss the details. We have had some amazing contests in the past and are looking at some amazing ones in the future.

When you post contests with no prizes and no real direction it takes away from what we have done in the past.



PS The crew member contest is a good idea, if you were one of the ones who started it, flickrmail me and we can discuss is we want to make an official contest out of it, with prizes and even.
cheerful books [deleted] 9 years ago
It was DKromp who suggested it, decius just developed it and posted a new thread on it.
supreme eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
I understand. I just want SCI-LUG contest be run smoothly and have great prizes! I am not trying to offend anyone.
cheerful books [deleted] 9 years ago
Sure, just checking.
Captain Decius PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Captain Decius (member) 9 years ago
Look, someone told me to put what Newright posted in a new thread. You don't need to post an announcement.


Running smoothly has absolutely nothing to do with who posts the entries thread. It was Dkromp's idea in the first place to hold that contest, so deleting the first thread was pointless.
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