Bill Ward's Brickpile PRO 10:14pm, 17 February 2009
BrickWorld isn't until June. The more pressing matter is BrickFest. Who's going to Portland next month? I'll be there (though I still need to make my travel arrangements).
dkromp 9 years ago
So you are the chief of brickworld okay thats fine . i wont be there WaWAWA Wa (balls in the corner)
worker201 9 years ago
I'll be visiting.
g2necrotron 9 years ago
I will also be there. I may even bring something worth seeing...
worker201 9 years ago
Anybody from the Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue/Everett area interested in carpooling down to Portland on Sunday. I have a car, would like to share fuel/parking expenses.
The Big Rafalski 9 years ago
I might actually go, I'm not sure, I might just ride my bike there : )

scarthescarfish Posted 9 years ago. Edited by scarthescarfish (member) 9 years ago
it would be nice to have it somewhere else. give the rest of us a chance. everything lego is always on the west coast. what about the third coast? arlington tx is turning into ahub for conventions. or at least give me a lego store. fiesta tx? where is that? arlington is the heart of texas. ask the getting further away from dallas cowboys.
worker201 9 years ago
^ I suspect that people in Brownsville and El Paso and Amarillo don't think Arlington is the heart of Texas.

BrickFest is in Portland because somebody in Portland wanted it to be there. If you want to organize a 'Fest in DFW, I'm sure you'll find lots of support.
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