supreme eyes [deleted] 11:56pm, 8 February 2009
I had a very difficult time judging this competition. Not only were there a lot of entries, there were a really large amount of top notch MOC’s! In all honesty, there are some entries that are far better than anything I expected in this contest that didn’t even make the top 10! I tried to judge as fair as possible. I looked for uniqueness, build quality, color usage, parts usage, functionality, clean lines, photo quality, etc.

I hope everyone had fun with this build!

Here are the winners:

1st place:
Ben Jarvis
montage1 copy-sml by Ben Jarvis 01

2nd place:
D-9 Hydra pic 2 by mondayn00dle

3rd place:
Amatsu-Kami by Memory ☓

Honorable Mentions: (not in any particular order)
PeterLMorris, Adrian Florea, dasnewten, fredoichi, Worker201, Nannan Z

The top 3 will receive a flickr mail from me to get shipping info.

I had a great time with this contest and am looking forward to the next one!

BTW, I will be looking for assistance to judge the next contest, so if you are interested let me know.
Captain Decius PRO 9 years ago
I must have been impossible to choose, considering the quality of the entries submitted.
Steelharbinger PRO 9 years ago
Indeed, and the winning three are particularily nice.
kojman47 9 years ago
Buster® 9 years ago
Yeah, this must have been incredibly hard to judge. There were plenty of excellent entries.
McZargåld 9 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners.

Thanks for putting this contest on Clay, it was such fun!
Cole Blaq 9 years ago
Cheers to the winners!

That contest was really great fun, fueled the creative engine:-)
Thanks for setting this up!
delucks 9 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners, this is a great contest. Really got the space commmunity moving.
mammoth sleep [deleted] 9 years ago
Congrats to the winner's! I think I'll start experimenting with Technic to get ready for the next contest.
LegoLord. 9 years ago
Congrats to all the winners, the contest was a huge sucess!~LL
Tekka Croe 9 years ago
Out of curiosity, how many entries were there? Upwards of 100, I'd imagine.
Muffinmanifestation 9 years ago
Who were the top 8? Didn't you say you would say them?
peterlmorris PRO 9 years ago
Man, I knew I was hosed when I started seeing all those folding things show up. They really are brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. I know this contest was hella hard to judge. Awesome picks, and congrats to the winners. You guys really brought the noise.
retracile 9 years ago
Congrats to the winners.

peterlmorris: You made it as an honorable mention, so you beat my "folding thing" at least. ;)
supreme eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
Muffinmanifestation: The "Honorable Mentions" + the top 3 are the "Top 8 (or9)"
Arterin 9 years ago
Huge congrats to all those who participated, and even huger to the winners! Man, I'm just dissapointed I only joined this group AFTER the competition!
So...... when's the next comp!
Adrian Florea 9 years ago
Congrats winners and participants. I've seen some amazing builds emerging from this contest. I appreciate the honorable mention, and it must have been hell in some cases to pass judgement.
Ben Jarvis 01 9 years ago

NO oThEr WorDS cOmmiNG oUt nOw....

Fredoichi PRO 9 years ago
^ Hehe, congrats to you Ben and the other guys... this sure was a fun contest to participate in and to follow, so hats off to you Brickeye for setting this up and judging this. And to be mentioned among the other great builders sure is honorable, thanks!
Ben Jarvis 01 9 years ago
Yeah, ok, I should say more than 'shock' I guess... firstly, 5.6 metric cr*p-tons of thanks to Brickeye and everyone involved in the comp and SCI-Lug in general.... and seeing as it's awards season, thanks to my wife (no really) as I managed to p*ss her off royally last weekend trying to get that hangar scene right and take the photos when I was suposed to be taking her out for dinner :-)

It really was a megga-fun comp and, given who entered and the quality of the entries I really am genuinely in shock I even made the top 3.

Bring on the next comp!!!!!

Muffinmanifestation 9 years ago
Ah I missed that
Proudlove 9 years ago
This was a great contest. Thanks a bunch. Now I wish I'd waited a little before entering my mediocre entry. Congrats to the winners. Great job.
Nannan Z. PRO 9 years ago
Great contest indeed. The number of participants was enormous, which is what makes it all so much fun.
Tenacious EJ 9 years ago
Nice work by everybody! Congrats to the winners. Time to step up my game and start thinking outside the box.
mondayn00dle PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mondayn00dle (member) 9 years ago
Congratulations to the other winners and to everyone who entered. This really was a fun contest, and there are some amazing MOCs to show for it.

And of course, many thanks to Clay for running the show. I know it’s cliché to say “Wow, it must have been tough to judge with so many great entries...” but this contest defines that sentiment.

Well done all around.
finicky trade [deleted] 9 years ago
Congratulations to the winners!
sirbugge 9 years ago
Congrats to the winners and thanks for a great contest!

I wish I had time to participate in the last one, can't wait to see what you come with next :)
The Magic Tuba Pixie 9 years ago
Congrats, everyone!
I've been looking forward to the announcement of the winners for a while now. I wouldn't have been able to judge, personally. Too many amazing entries.
Stefan Schindler PRO 9 years ago
Congrats to the winners!
There were just too many awesome entries for me to pick out a favourite.
LostCarPark 9 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners and honourable mentions... and for that matter everyone who entered. There were a fantastic amount of incredible entries, and I don't envy the judges' job!

Well done Ben - a highly deserved winner.
Jerac 9 years ago
Good contest, great entries, big worry for judges.
Where is the Big_X's entry on the honorable mentions list? :)
Memory ☓ 9 years ago
Well, Jerrec, it looks like I don't get that free beer you promised (just as well, I don't actually drink).
bionicbadboi 9 years ago
Congratulations, winners.

This was a very entertaining competition, I really enjoyed the challenge.
Robo-Knight 9 years ago
When is the next contest anyway?

This one was alot of fun.
opallix Posted 8 years ago. Edited by opallix (member) 8 years ago
^Thanks for reviving an old topic, man (no, I don't consider two days to be 'old', so I'm not a hypocrite).

And haven't you already asked that question several times in this group?
Robo-Knight 8 years ago
True. :/

But contests are fun. :)
Kirby Warden 8 years ago
Hmm...spent two minutes wondering how I missed the announcement and then actually looking for the entry thread...then I realized I hadn't looked at the posted dates...whatever...I'm going back to bed.
opallix Posted 8 years ago. Edited by opallix (member) 8 years ago
I like contests too... but a really awesome theme would be necessary to live up to the standards of this contest.

But I'll always have a soft spot for this one, because it is the reason I joined Flickr.
Wiseman_Lego 8 years ago
There was something about dealing with dimension limits that was wery funny...
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