supreme eyes [deleted] 11:48pm, 7 January 2009
Be nice to him!
supreme eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
We will be adding at least one more in the weeks to come...
dkromp 9 years ago
Congrats man . And yes there will be one or two more .
Tekka Croe 9 years ago
I'm honored to be here. :D

And I may recommend Crimson Wolf, or Commander Raptor as other moderators. They're good at that sort of thing.
supreme eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
We have already spoken with Crimson Wolf and he will be coming on as a mod after the current contest is over...he wanted to compete in it.
Tekka Croe 9 years ago
Oh, well, I actually built an entry. Does my being a moderator disqualify me?
kojman47 9 years ago
LegoLord. 9 years ago
Congrats! Man, you deserved it!~LL
supreme eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
The rules only state that admins are you can enter...I pm you with the concerns that I have with it.
cheerful books [deleted] 9 years ago
Well done.
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