Power Miners

LegoLord331 11:01am, 8 November 2008
I found new SCi-Fi News.
Lego released official Info on the Power Miners release date.
onerous scene [deleted] 10 years ago
LEGO's attempt at bringing back ROCK RAIDERS is made of Fail, apart from the Dynamite.

Seriously LEGO, you could just Re-Released the Sets.
dkromp 10 years ago
lupus is right that is a failed attempt the colors are bad the rock raiders helments are blue and those new creatures should be bionicle.
worker201 10 years ago
I don't know, I could get excited about lime green accent bricks.
rapid oil [deleted] 10 years ago
Couldn't agree more. Not only is the color scheme atrocious, but why not just bring back the utter awesomeness that was rock raiders? Not that I'm against technic, but there seems to be a bit too much of that and not enough brick IMO.
Tekka Croe 10 years ago
Well, I appreciate TLG's attempt to create a mix of technic and brick building in a single series, but the sets themselves aren't too great. I AM, however, looking foreward ti the lime green pieces and those big drills ( because they make great big thrusters).
vìnn 10 years ago
While I do wish that the colors had stuck to browns and greys, I have to admit I am excited about the blue helmets. They could be used for futuristic UN soldiers. And like Tekka said, those big drills are great thrusters.
HenkDeVries 10 years ago
Like they said on brickset: "there are a lot of single-use parts in there and that's why it's not going to be fantastic". I realy wish that the original rock-raiders sets would return, but then a bit modern/redesigned.
Tekka Croe 10 years ago
Well, here's an idea: Why not have anyone who wants to create a modernized Rock Raiders style vehicle. Not as a contest, but just for fun.
dkromp 10 years ago
that sounds good.
LegoLord. 10 years ago
Those blue Helmets are pretty sweet though...
dkromp Posted 10 years ago. Edited by dkromp (admin) 10 years ago
no there not cool,they are to bright.
Tekka Croe 10 years ago
They would work well for Retro-style sci-fi, if you ask me.
Derek Almen 10 years ago
I for one actually didn't like old RR too much. Sure it did have some good pieces, but it too had some crappy useless parts, like the big truck body piece. Bleh. Lime rocks, I love it, cool helmets, probably some other nice parts, the drills and I think the figs will be good. Let's all stop leaping before the sets are even out.
Blυe Star PRO 10 years ago

Actually, they'd work well with anything that could use bright colors, so I'm pumped about the pieces. The sets? Oh well.
Model Gal PRO 10 years ago
I'm holding most of my reservations till I actually see the sets themselves. I liked RR too, but neither the new rock monster or the old really does anything for me at first glance. I am excited about the crystals in all those new colors, and I like the dynamite element too. Other than that, I'm just going to wait and see.

I don't want to jump threads, but I did just see two of the new Pirate sets at LEGOLAND and all I can say about them is AWESOME! I would have bought a set right then, but I had to buy some LEGO for an upcoming project instead.
HAZE-パンク1/4cm™ 10 years ago
um ... I would like to say is that Hong Kong may not be such as the introduction of these rock-raiders sets and the pirates set Legoland. I am glad that the crystal in all these new colors, I started as a child of the old pirates of the set, I would like to think I do not have to buy down the old pirates set to retain most of the until now. The new rock-raiders I would like to be 1 ~ 2set ..
blue helmets really want to have!! HK people just love playing with lego than their original moc .... HK lego fan's ratio is:
Pirates set 85% rock-raiders sets 32%
ScubaCJ 10 years ago
I actually quite like these sets. The parts are awesome, plenty of lime. The blue RR helmets are really nice, and I actually like the rock monsters, mostly because the monster's arms fit into a minifigs.
J/G Posted 10 years ago. Edited by J/G (member) 10 years ago
I'll be excited just having those helmets and prefer blue. The arms do?
Robo-Knight 9 years ago
To be honest, Power Miners has to be my favorite new series in a while. Each set has moving parts and function and each has a mini-mum of 2 mini-figures, (1 Power Miner and 1 Rock Monster), and the colors are a great rare and exotic edition to my collection. On top of that, the mocs I've been creating with these new sets have been incredible. I'm also greatly looking foward to the new 2009 sets as well. Unlike Rock Raiders, the monsters actualy have variety and size and the vehicles are much better in apperance and unlike the old mech from Rock Raiders, this Mech actualy doesn't suck. Unfortunatly, I never got any of the Rock Raider sets, but I have seen them enough on-line to get a good idea of the over all series.

I don't understand the Power Miners hate at all.
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