supreme eyes [deleted] 11:24pm, 4 November 2008
Thanks for checkin' us out! We want to make this a group that is enjoyable for everyone, so just keep things friendly and fun and all will be good.

We are planning to do a number of contests so watch the discussion boards for 'em!
diegoboy 10 years ago
Contests? Can't wait! ;)
Lino M PRO 10 years ago
sounds exciting! I occasionally take a break from building cars and dabble in the realm of sci-fi so hopefully I'll find inspiration to participate here. Good luck with this new group.
legosamurai 10 years ago
Sounds like a great time, Im down for a bit of competition.
And Sci-Fi No Less, who could ask for more.

-I don't want to sound dumb, but are the contests for strictly minifig scale MOCs?
Jay(meximan135) 10 years ago
Hey guys. I'm here. Great group.
Amhakia 10 years ago
This group hits my home turf of space themed creations, so I'm really looking forward to seeing all the great MOC's. I'm not into competitions much, but I may have to break down and try one now and again in this category...thanks for the invite!
ZackM. 10 years ago
I've been meaning to try space a little more in depth. This should be perfect. Welcome to all the new members as well... thanks for sending the invite. Great contest to kick off the new start to the group as well.
dkromp 10 years ago
Welcome I am the second admin of this group.
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