Dead Air 8:01pm, 10 July 2011
The 2011 Author August is upon us at the Science Fiction Message Board! We seek your nominees. With 31 to fill, your nominees are sure to get a day in our annual post-a-thon, if you act now! Come August each day will have an author attached to it for posting photos, reviews, links, biographies, gossip and what have you. Come join the fun!

Veee Man PRO 6 years ago
I wanted to post an entry on the msg board, but I couldn't get my
acct set up w/ yuku.

I would nominate Charles Pellegrino for his book, Dust.
Veee Man PRO 6 years ago
Here's a link to Amazon re. the book, Dust.
Dead Air 6 years ago
Well, I'll tell you what - I'll put in your nomination, which means the 6th of August will be Charles Pellegrino's day.

But if you want to take part in the post-a-thon on that day, I guess Yuku does force you to register quickly with them. We're not connected with them, but hey bought the infrastructure that hosts our board, and we have too much data to move. So hopefully people can accept that simple act. It's probably no worse than registering for Flickr, Facebook, Google or whatever.
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