GrahamAndDairne PRO 11:52am, 17 January 2010
There are lots of Groups for lighthouses, but very few that include daymarks such as this spectacular one near Dingle. How you feel about including such daymarks?

Approaching Dingle
Excuse me but what is a daymark?
picqero Posted 8 years ago. Edited by picqero (member) 8 years ago
A daymark is a structure built on land, but visible from the sea, as an aid to navigation for mariners. Unlike lighthouses, daymarks have no light, so are invisible at night. They are however very useful in determining a vessel's position, when electronic and satellite navigation aids are unavailable. Nautical almanacs, as carried by most offshore vessels including private yachts, usually give the geographical positions of daymarks, as well as their height above chart datum or mean sea level. From this information a vessel's precise location can be accurately calculated from simple compass bearings or sextant readings.
All too many mariners nowadays rely solely on satellite navigation systems, instead of practicing 'dead reckoning' offshore navigation by use of compass, chart depths, daymarks, etc!
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