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SILBECL April 7, 2012
Because of the HIGH volume of photos being received, submissions to the group pool are restricted to no more than one image a week.

Group Description


The Beautiful Scenery & Landscapes group is the place for superb photographs of landscapes, seascapes, and other beautiful scenes.

Please DO NOT submit portraits (NO PEOPLE) (NO MAN-MADE OBJECTS), photos of cars, pictures of houses, barns, castles, lighthouses, churches, bridges, roads, or other man-made things. It is acceptable for photos to contain fences or stone walls, as long as they are not the primary subject of the image and are of minor significance. The primary focus is the landscape, pure landscapes.

Group Policies
Because of the HIGH volume of photos being received, submissions to the group pool are restricted to no more than one image per week. We are looking for original, high quality photos so only submit photos that you yourself have taken, and be discriminating about what you submit. Considerations like composition and exposure will be taken into account when evaluating photos for admission to the group pool.

Remember the work you submit to the group represents you as a photographer so be selective with your and choose only your best photographs. Screencaps of favorites, photographs of artwork, heavily Photoshopped photos and photographs with nudity are not acceptable for the pool. If you find one of your photographs has been removed from the group pool please don't resubmit it. Also, do not remove and re-add any of your photos to change their position in the pool. Doing either will result in being removed or banned from the group.

This group is intended for "scenic" shots (ie. primarily landscapes or seascapes). Therefore this group is NOT for: pictures of your girlfriend or boyfriend (sorry), macros & close-ups, crowds of people, "decay" like photos inside abandoned buildings, or any building interiors, churches, lighthouses, castles, bridges, piers, animals, airplanes, cars or trucks, or photos where a building or other man-made object is a significant element.

We don't accept: pornography and pedophilia, nudity or explicit images of sex organs, violence against people or animals, racism, sexism and all images or language that is indecent and or offensive.

Periodically member photos will be chosen to be used as the groups cover photo.

Repeated re-posting of photos that have been declined will result in the member being removed or banned from the group without notice.

Respecting the guidelines outlined above will improve the overall quality of the group pool, and the group will be one in which you will be honored to be a member.

Thank you.
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<b>Beautiful Scenery & Landscapes</b>


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Beautiful Scenery & Landscapes


Group Rules

Please read the home page before posting any photos to this group.

Respect the other members of the group by not submitting photos that do not meet the group's guidelines.

Your submissions should reflect your best work and be images of which you are very proud.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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