peachy92 PRO 10:21pm, 7 November 2009
I'm not sure when this started but if you have a professional camera, Wormsloe will start charging you a fee for photography. Dizzy Girl has more information about it.
Dizzy Girl 7 years ago
I called and the lady I spoke to said that they do this now because people are selling the prints of Wormsloe Drive or making postcards. I personally think this is ridiculous! This is not a tourist-friendly decision. This is a STATE PARK which we already have to pay to get into anyways.

I could see if this were a private residence, but it's not. It's a dirt road with a bunch of old trees. It's a fabulous photo, but I'm sorry, for $25 they can kiss it. For that much, I expect for them to shut all traffic in and out and let me have an hour to myself to take photos.

I will not pay it and I'll make sure to tell others about it. Are they that hard up for money that they feel the need to charge and arm and a leg? Come on, some sense!
Dizzy Girl 7 years ago
Found some more information here:

A word of caution—if you are a photographer/hobbyist and your equipment is valued over $500, particularly if you use a tripod and a dSLR camera—expect to be charged a fee $25 or more, and to fill out an application for a permit. Approval of the permit and/or a waiver of the fee rests with the site supervisor, who may or may not be present. So bring along, if you have one, a really good "point and shoot", preferably with image stabilization, and feel free to snap away.

Again...not very tourist friendly, is it?
peachy92 PRO 7 years ago
Yes, when I went today, I didn't have to pay the fee because I had a point and shoot camera. Had I had my better camera, I may have been charged a fee.

While I was there, there were several photographers taking family photos at Wormsloe.

As a person that take photos as her hobby (I would never get into it as a business), it's quite discouraging to know that I may have to pay a fee just because of the equipment I have.
Dizzy Girl 7 years ago
I can see doing this for wedding parties, engagement photos, or magazine photos, but not for everyone else. I really think they're cutting their nose off in spite of their face.
♥jennyowens 7 years ago
I was going to go do a shoot there on Saturday...

Now I'm not.

Stupid decision on their part, IMO. You know how many people find out about Wormsloe through photographers who take pictures there? That's how I found out about it... and now I'm not going.
TheRedNerd 7 years ago
Just tell them you are SCAD students. They usually let SCAD students shoot for free, but only for a couple of hours tops.
peachy92 PRO 7 years ago
Well, that sucks that SCADers are allowed free but hobbiest like me won't be. Stupid policy.
Low Country Image 7 years ago
I agree .. this is silly! and Dizzy Girl is right.. If I'm gonna pay to shoot there ...they should shut down the traffic in and out.. I took my $800 point and shoot camera (ha ha) there a few months ago and I sat and waited for ever till the cars were clear or people were not in the shot... and if you look real hard at my wormsloe pic i have up here you might be able to tell where I airbrushed out the car at the end of the road
The easiest way to get around it would be to bring your p&s, bring your dslr, and make sure you have a big purse. :)

When a car comes by, take pictures of your subject with the p&s. When nobody's there, do the dslr. My opinion.
Andrea Hillis PRO 6 years ago
Yeah, this stinks...I had to pay the $25., fee, but will not's not worth it to me. Bethesda is just as beautiful....and is free!
scenicsouth 6 years ago
Is this policy still in force? We went in February and were told that any fee to be paid was part of the entrance fee. I believe they only charge for a set photo-shoot, not for tourists taking photos of the scenery. We are allowed to do that as paid visitors.
Keith Mendel PRO 6 years ago
I shot there in late March with DLSR and tripod. Walked in and paid the regular admission fee for 2 adults and let the camera in the car. Enforcement might vary based on who is manning the desk?
wbeem PRO 5 years ago
I'm glad I checked here before making the trip from Orlando. I was planning on visiting Savannah for some photography, but now I'm not going to bother.

Charging a fee to a state park, based upon the type of camera I own, is un-American. It seems from the comments here that they aren't providing any service to go with that fee. They're just penalizing people based upon the kind of property they own. What nonsense.
heideldesign 5 years ago
We called and were told the fee only applied to commercial shoots. I suggest calling ahead to confirm before making the trip - because it does seem to be based on who you talk to there.
CanonFire09 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by CanonFire09 (member) 5 years ago
I agree charging a fee for this sucks big time. Maybe a writing / email campaign to whoever runs this places boss might stir up something or blogs. Lots of time places don't want a bad rap on a blog. I write a travel blog I will put something in there about it. Some emails to tourism services might also help.
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