Best of 2007

Triplejohnny 7:42am, 26 January 2008
Post one of your best pictures taken in 2007 of or in Santa Barbara in this thread so we can see if you have any game on. Hell, post all of your pics, what the hell, who's watching?

BurNBlue can post only one!
shadinsb 9 years ago
Does Anacapa Island count?
Some of those 'rocks' down there are seals...

Inspiration Point

John~your "Shy Pelican" is music for my eyes.
shadinsb 9 years ago
PS~as far as 'having any game on'...well, with you folks around, I'm more like a spectator.
Triple's got some really good stuff.
Mor.gan's clearly got some game.
BurNBlue...well, I don't even have to say it do I?
And watch out when Extra_Medium steps in.
Looking forward!!
[me and my disposable slinking away]
Triplejohnny 9 years ago
Smoke Signal 9 years ago
Blue Skies Trailer Park, Santa Barbara, CA
R Stanek 9 years ago
I'm also more of a spectator, and I also only spent about 2 weeks in SB in 2007 (as I just moved here). But what the hell:
Cliffs at Arroyo Burro Beach Park
Mor.gan Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Mor.gan (member) 9 years ago
i took this out at sandspit.

acejr371 PRO 9 years ago
I took this shot during a Photowalk in Sept 07. This is the Santa Barbara Harbor from the Pier.

Santa Barbara Harbor at Sunset
shadinsb 9 years ago
Is this the best we can do?!?
ShootingStar Photos 9 years ago
This was one of the first pictues that I took with my new camera... It's kinda blah, but it's one of the best for 2007...
Extra Medium PRO 9 years ago
Sky of Fire

If Burnblue gets a hold of this thread, we're all toast.
Har har guys...

I actually had to look a bit to find one that was recognizably Santa Barbara, not just random rocks and ocean ; )

Mesa Beach at Night
asxixlayxdying28 9 years ago
excellent images, maybe start a new thread for 2008? I've only been living here since January so I don't have any images from 2007 unfortunately.
Viejito 6 years ago
Lone Protester
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