New Tiger exibit

kenr61 1:19am, 22 February 2008
I've not been able to go today for the openning, but, from what has been shown on the news, it is safe, but not photographer friendly (ie: plexiglass and chain link). It is the same complaint about the Grizzly exibit and I can see it happening at the gorilla exibit. My digital camera does not do well with fencing or plexiglass ( I cannot focus or have ghosting). I guess the zoo will now be 35mm zone for me (ie; costly).

If any has seen it please give your impressions.
Dalton Jr 10 years ago
I went a couple weeks ago but the walk way where the tiger/lions are were closed but they did have one little area with a tiger in it. I got a couple ok shots but I want to go back if it is totally open again.
It was opened completely on the 21st the one tiger that you saw was Padang. Her enclosure was not renovated so they let her stay in her enclosure while the others had to be inside the Lion House. From what I saw of pictures you do not have shading for the new glass that was put in but I will give my opinion on the new set up after I visit the zoo on Monday.
Ok. My opinion of the new exhibit. I personally do not like the glass cause it distorts the pictures especially with the film they have on the glass which you can see bubbling up in several different places.. The glass is already hazy. They have some meshing areas but you really are not supposed to even get up to them since they have little plant areas surrounding the meshing areas. My pictures i took through the meshing turned out better then the ones I took behind glass. I stood on the outside of the plant areas shooting through the meshing several times but that was even hard to do cause you have people that do not care that you are taking pictures in an area you are aloud to through the meshing cause they will walk right in front of you and start stomping on all the plants. Those poor plants do not even have a chance unless the zoo ropes them off.

I will upload some of the shots later after i have gone through them all.
OK here is my examples:

Through the meshing
Kimani '08 (1)
It is pretty clear while shooting through

Through the glass
The glass makes the pictures distorted and hazy looking
kenr61 10 years ago
Exactly as I had feared and there is no way to get a shot around or over this. *sigh* at least we are "safe" while we view. It has been a while since I've been to Oakland and I hear they're getting a Panda (eventually). Zoo's have come a long way from small boxes with bars to habitats. I guess we should really think about what the zoo exists for and be happy with the small side benifits we can still enjoy.
allereb 10 years ago
I was just looking at the few shots I took over the weekend and I concur with Susan. My shots through the glass just aren't crisp and are a bit hazy. The ones shot through the mesh fencing turned out just fine.

It is a bit odd how they now have that area setup. As Susan said, people just stomp over where the plants are. I wonder if they should pave a path along the fence for people to use as that area is just going to get beaten up by people. I think that's a better option than roping off that area since the viewing area otherwise just isn't big enough for the amount of people there.
The day I found out that Skylar was pregnant I was talking to a Construction Worker that was cleaning up all the mulch that was just being scattered by everyone and he said they should of just paved it or at least roped it off. He was quite surprised they put all those plants in front of the exhibits like they did. I actually gave up on trying to shoot from the outside of the plant area so I go up to the meshing and shoot but I am also very careful of were I step so I do not step on the plants
allereb 10 years ago
I was also disappointed to see what I think is the new fencing in the polar bear exhibits. It makes photography impossible if they are in the front half of the exhibit.
Yeah I have the same problem. I always loved to take pictures of all the Polar Bears and now I can not even do that since they are most of the time in the front area.
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