[luis] 8:51pm, 10 January 2010
Hi, do you know where this photos were taken? I've found the negatives on the street some time ago (in Buenos Aires) and I've made copies from them. I think they from the Bay Area.

This is the first one:
Fotos encontradas - San Francisco?
And I've found this photo in the pool

which is from the same house on the left of the first photo

Here is another one:
Fotos encontradas - San Francisco?

Is this San Quentin?
Fotos encontradas - San Francisco?

stvjackson PRO 8 years ago
The first one is of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. It looks like it's taken from Yerba Buena Island, looking more or less east. Since the second is a closer zoom of the structure you can see in the first image, it looks like it's from the same location.

The last one is of Alcatraz.

The third one, of just the rocks, I cannot identify.
Actually I'm pretty sure the first two are of the Marin County (North) approach to the Golden Gate Bridge and the structure below it (probably taken from the Vista Point). Here's one I took there a few years ago:
Northern Approach - Golden Gate Bridge
The third photo looks like some of the rocks below the GG Bridge.
The last one (Alcatraz) was probably shot from the same place as the first two as the angle would be just about right.
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The first two show the Lime Point Lighthouse (now defunc) under the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. NOT the Bay Bridge (OAK to SF)

same lighthouse from above :
Demolished lighthouse

more : www.flickr.com/search/?q="Lime+Point+Lighthouse&quot...
stvjackson PRO 8 years ago
Thanks for the correction, guys. The roadway support looked to me like it was a double deck. Looking closer, I should have noticed that there was traffic heading in both directions.
Tayne 8 years ago
The rocks are in the same place

Lime Point by cmh2315fl
[luis] 8 years ago
Thank you all for your help!
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