m15hgan 7:57pm, 6 December 2007
Post your pics of yesterday's swell, here is a couple:


wolves4moe PRO 10 years ago
darn it....i knew i should've gone out yesterday and taken some pictures....these are GREAT!!!
lexus465 [deleted] 10 years ago
Couldn't make it out Wednesday or today, but this is from Tuesday....

ebilflindas 10 years ago
I knew I shoulda traveled north, but I live near IB, so I got this from the pier:

At least head-high

Maybe if I'd gone all the way down to the sloughs there would've been better waves...
Rowell Dionicio 10 years ago
Wow the wave in the first picture is huuuugggee
Bill Raymond 10 years ago
These are amazing! I was on a plane during the swells and the pilot mentioned at least three times how happy [insert sarcastic overtones here] he was to be flying away from the big waves.
m15hgan 10 years ago
yea, the waves were nice, but it was crazy crowded at most of the breaks...
m.delanzo@yahoo.com 10 years ago
-kbull- PRO 10 years ago
Yeah, it was pretty crowded. I made it down to Black's, too, but it was low tide, so the sets weren't as big as they could have been...

m15hgan 10 years ago
this one looks pretty deam big!
lostinthe619 [deleted] 10 years ago
Fantastic shots all.

Marshall K. Starks
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Kevin Baird PRO 10 years ago
Swami's at almost sunset:

Jerod Harris [deleted] 10 years ago
Sorta Big Tuesday @ Windansea

geruge 10 years ago
gnarly dude, totally bichin!!! kawabunga!!
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