m15hgan 7:57pm, 6 December 2007
Post your pics of yesterday's swell, here is a couple:


wolves4moe PRO 9 years ago
darn it....i knew i should've gone out yesterday and taken some pictures....these are GREAT!!!
lexus465 [deleted] 9 years ago
Couldn't make it out Wednesday or today, but this is from Tuesday....

ebilflindas 9 years ago
I knew I shoulda traveled north, but I live near IB, so I got this from the pier:

At least head-high

Maybe if I'd gone all the way down to the sloughs there would've been better waves...
Rowell Dionicio 9 years ago
Wow the wave in the first picture is huuuugggee
Bill Raymond 9 years ago
These are amazing! I was on a plane during the swells and the pilot mentioned at least three times how happy [insert sarcastic overtones here] he was to be flying away from the big waves.
m15hgan 9 years ago
yea, the waves were nice, but it was crazy crowded at most of the breaks...
m.delanzo@yahoo.com 9 years ago
-kbull- PRO 9 years ago
Yeah, it was pretty crowded. I made it down to Black's, too, but it was low tide, so the sets weren't as big as they could have been...

m15hgan 9 years ago
this one looks pretty deam big!
lostinthe619 [deleted] 9 years ago
Fantastic shots all.

Marshall K. Starks
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Kevin Baird PRO 9 years ago
Swami's at almost sunset:

Jerod Harris [deleted] 9 years ago
Sorta Big Tuesday @ Windansea

geruge 9 years ago
gnarly dude, totally bichin!!! kawabunga!!
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