Tobias Hrabec 11:23am, 20 August 2013
Hi everyone,

I just bought this lens couple of days ago and I am deciding on whether to keep it or not. I am really satisfied with how it performs on close objects.

One small trouble is though with shooting landscapes where I was used to the pulling of the focus ring all the way being always enough to get a sharp infinity focus. With this piece however if I go to an end of the focus ring where the infinity mark it's slightly out of focus. The correct focusing point is somewhere in front of the mark.

Now the retail guy tried to tell me this is a feature of the lens used for blurring forefront at high apertures. It doesn't really seem plausible to me since all other lenses I had worked end=infinity and with a manual lens you really want to make focus easy, right?

What is your experience of it? And how do you guys handle manual focusing altogether (especially canon EOS users where the AF confirmation is, somewhat unseemly, disabled.)?

Thanks! :)
staubfressendeswesen1 5 years ago
Hello Tobias,

i have simply make a Mark on my Lens, so no Problem to Focus fast to Infinity. ;-)

With Your Canon You can use the Live-View with magnification.

To Focus, i have a green Confirmation Dot on my FinePix S-Series Cameras.
For Canon there exist some "AF confirm Chips" to add the Focus Confirmation with Canon Cameras.
You will find some on ebay…

Regards: Carsten
Tapio.L. 5 years ago
Focusing beyond infinity is really a feature of this glass. Just re-mark for the real infinity.

I use this glass all the time and love it. You can buy new focusing screen that is designed for fast manual lenses. I use catzeye focusing screen on fast moving objects and live view for stationary
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