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Merging the two Flickr groups for this lens?

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ericarthur says:

This is my favourite lens for my 5DII and I really enjoy seeing the images other photographers make with this lens and its various rebranded iterations. There are however two groups dedicated to this lens that have a lot of duplication of images. Would the moderators/creators of the groups have any interest in combining them into a single group? The groups I'm referring to are:



12:26PM, 12 February 2013 PDT (permalink)

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Benoit Leveau says:

Did you contact the moderators of both? I think it'd make perfect sense. Doesn't make sense to have both...
65 months ago (permalink)

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ericarthur says:

No, I just posted here to see how much interest there was figuring that if enough was shown, the moderators would take notice.
65 months ago (permalink)

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WarzauWynn says:

I think since this group is smaller, people who don't like having two should leave this group and only post in the other group. Removing past photos from this group would also help deprecate this group in favor of the larger group.
64 months ago (permalink)

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ZZXXLL says:

Im using the other group:

More members, more photos, more discussions.

It really messes with my OCD having more than 1 group. :P

40 months ago (permalink)

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