Mathias Laustrup 5:51pm, 12 June 2012
Hey all. I shot with my samyang 35mm on a canon 7D today for the first time.

I've been shooting with it on my T2I (550D) till now, where it worked perfectly fine. Then, when shooting video on the 7D, it overexposes ALOT! Well. I shoot manual video ofcourse. The exposure-meter says its WAY under -3 in exposure when I expose somewhat perfectly.

Boosting ALL of it up, ISO 6400, f/1.4, lowest shutterspeed EVERYTHING is white ofcourse. At that point, the camera will say that its around -2 in exposure. All other lenses works fine with the 7D.

What could this be?
k.a. gilbert PRO 6 years ago
i have found this to be an issue with wide apertures in general.

i do not shoot video, but i've noticed that i need to pull a stop or so from exposure compensation while shooting any of my manual fast primes.

i believe it to be an aperture issue because no EC is necessary when shooting stopped down, say f/8.

i think it has something to do with the fact that fast lenses open wide create a lot of diffuse light in the mirror box/shutter area, and that is where the light meter resides.
ericarthur 6 years ago
I've found that the metering inconsistencies with this lens are more likely to occur at high ISOs. For me, as long as I stay below 1600 on my 5DII everything seems to be relatively accurate.
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